If there’s one thing a girl loves, it’s shoes. They’re some of the most personable, fashionable, and useful items we own. Cute, comfortable (well, sometimes), and collectable, they’re the perfect addition to every outfit! Each pair of shoes carries it’s own sort of memories with them, too. A baby’s first steps, a high school senior’s graduation, and (of course) a bride’s walk down the isle. Choosing your special pair of shoes for your wedding can definitely be difficult at times, but it’s always exciting to browse and search. There are so many styles to choose from, with endless options of colors, height, and material. Some brides may want two pair of shoes on their special day, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Or maybe that first pair is just too perfect to take off.Brides, make sure to choose a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing! Remember, you have to wear them down the isle, pose for pictures in them, and dance as well (unless you change)! Some advice for future brides: get your shoes worn in! It makes a huge, wonderful difference in comfort if your shoes aren’t stiff straight out of the box, and instead have stretched a little for your feet. Remember to take the weather into consideration when choosing your shoes, too. A rainy day (or recently rainy venue) might mean that the ground is muddy or soft. Flats or wider heels may be a better choice for the day of, if so! Either way, shoes are an absolutely magical part of every meaningful experience, especially one filled with love and unity. So what shoes will you choose? We know they’ll be perfect, and compliment you and your dress in every way! Here are some of our favorite wedding shoes (and socks!!!) we’ve seen at Windwood:

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