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The Original Barn, a five-stall barn, was built over 70 years ago. Renovations were made to update the stalls while preserving the Windwood, Alabama history and charm of the original structure. The original barn now serves as an overflow barn and stalls are rented out for overnight horses. All stalls are equipped with automatic waters and rubber mats.

The Show Barn recently underwent extensive renovations. The renovations expanded the main barn’s capacity to 24 stalls. Intricate detailing such as chandeliers, stall sconces, high velocity ceiling fans and updated wash stalls were added to increase the comfort for both horse and owner.

Our School Barn was built in 2008 and offers a casual and open feel that mirrors our Show Barn. This barn is the first stop for new riders at Windwood. The School Barn offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of horsemanship, riding, care and horse ownership. Our riding school students have the opportunity to advances to their own personal goals and potential.


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Stadium lighting, irrigated footing, all-weather flooring, German Gio-tech style footing.

Mirrored full-size arena with GGT dressage footing and a judging platform.

Designed slightly smaller in size to make younger riders more comfortable, our school arena is connected to the school barn for safety and convenience.

Windwood Equestrian is located just south of Birmingham, Alabama in Shelby County on Highway 11 in Pelham. Our address is 4848 Highway 11 Pelham, Alabama 35124 .

+ Exercise System
+ Dog Paddock (Dogs are required to be on a leash and not allowed in barns.)
+ Industrial Fans
+ Automatic Water
+ Rubber Mats
+ 200+ acres covered with riding trails

+ Stadium Lighting
+ Spectator Seating
+ Irrigated Arena
+ Open Fields
+ Video Cameras
+ Security System


Windwood’s individual turn-out paddocks are a key component to the health and care of our horses. Individual paddocks have a golf course caliber irrigation system and are carefully maintained to insure grass growth through a rotation schedule. The turn-out rotation schedule is orchestrated by the head trainers and proven to help maintain horst health and limit injuries. The horses are separated, but can see each other, keeping them safer and happier, too.

Windwood Equestrian facilities offer a huge porch, which is the perfect place to view the main arena. The porch is an ideal spot to watch lessons, view the action on a show day or simply relax with a glass of iced tea after a ride.

Basic Board

Standard Training

Full Training

The Windwood Equestrian community wants to welcome you, your family, and your horse as part of something very special. Our mission with our boarding programs is to provide equine facilities and care where the horse’s physical and emotional well-being are paramount. We design a program with respect to each horses needs and safety. 


We offer a variety of services at Windwood Equestrian

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+ Hay (4-6 flakes of an alfalfa mix per day)
+ Feed
+ Turnout (weather permitting)
+ Use of saddle pads and wraps
+ Individual Lessons at additional Fee

boarding services

 + Hay (4-6 flakes of an alfalfa mix per day)
+ Feed
+ 2 lessons per week
+ Turnout (weather permitting) and use of walker 
+ Use of saddle pads and wraps

standard training

+ Hay (4-6 flakes of an alpha mix per day)
+ Feed
+ 3 lessons per week
+ Horses will be un-tacked and tacked for every lesson
+ Turnout (weather permitting) and use of walker

+ Use of saddle pads and wraps
+ Groomed daily
+Horses are kept “Show Ready” (clipped muzzles, ears, manes pulled, legs clipped)

full training

- Riding breeches
- Collared shirt
- Paddocker Tall Boots

What to wear for riding?

No, your own horse isn’t required to have an equestrian experience at Windwood. We offer a number of horses that are appropriate for beginners, both children and adult. We find that most people want to purchase or lease a ho rse after they have been a part of the riding program for an ample amount of time, to have a horse that is solely dedicated to them.

Do you need to own a horse to take lessons at Windwood Equestrian?

Yes, we offer two - time a week and three - time a week packages for the lesson program, boarding and training.

Do you offer lesson packages?

We can schedule a tour basically any day of the week dependent on horse show and training hours. Please call or email to set up an appointment

When can I come visit?

Our barn hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m

What are barn hours?

No, but we encourage our riders to attend shows. We are a big, barn family, and we want to offer support to all of our students.

Are shows required?

Windwood Equestrian is typically on a waiting a list, so we serve on a first - come - first - serve basis with a preference to those enrolled in a lesson or training program; but, yes, we do.

Can I board my horse at Windwood Equestrian without taking lessons?

- Basic board start s at $975
- Lesson Packages start s  at $275
- Private Lessons are $85

What is the pricing?

Group lessons last 45 minutes to an hour, but they do vary with instructor’s discretion. For example, a lesson can run up to an hour or more dependent on what is being learned.

How long is my lesson?

We do offer private lessons if a student needs specialized attention, and they can last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

Are lessons private?

A minimum of a 24-hour notice is required. There will be no makeups for no - shows.

What happens if I need to cancel a lesson?

Your trainer will notify yo u if there will be barn training or your lesson will be rescheduled.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Yes, safety is our top priority to have a positive learning experience.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Pets are not allowed in the barn, and they must be leashed when w alked on the premises. It is also required to clean after your pet.

Can I bring my pet?

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At Windwood Equestrian we offer students the opportunity to learn the basics of horsemanship, riding, care and horse ownership

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