Everyone’s seen them before sometime or another, whether in the movies, cruising down the road, or as you’re waving goodbye to newlyweds: Getaway cars! They’re the perfect conclusion to a perfect event, and a romantic addition to any wedding. Just picture it: driving away into the sunset with the love of your life, waving goodbye to your friends and loved ones as you start a new chapter of your lives. Getaway cars are so fun to decorate and make your own. Some couples may want to lean towards a more classic look, tying cans and old shoes to the back of the car and hanging a big “JUST MARRIED” banner in celebration. Others may want a more natural vibe, opting for elaborate bouquets of flowers and greenery. One thing to keep in mind as you design your dream getaway car, though: safety! Make sure to have everything laid out and ready before decorating the car, and then once you are all done, check that there’s nothing unsafe or illegal with the decorations (getting pulled over on your special night would not be very fun).Just get creative, and have the bridesmaids and groomsmen decorate the car as a surprise! Most of the time, limousines are used as getaway cars, but virtually any kind of vehicle can be used! Limos, trucks, old fashioned cars, motorcycles, and even helicopters or planes! Balloons are always fun additions to getaway cars, or even colorful streamers (you can tie them to the antenna)! Some other creative ideas to personalize getaway vehicles include silly string, window paint, or shaving cream to write on the windows of the car, or a basket of champagne and snacks for the newlyweds couple to enjoy on their way out of their wedding. Whatever you decide, we know it’ll be absolutely lovely. Have fun!

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