It’s September, school has started back, and the Pumkin Spice Latte has returned to Starbucks. You know what that means- it’s Fall! Time for sweaters, hot chocolate, cooler weather, and boots! One of the very best parts of the Autumn season is the beautiful color of all of the changing leaves. Oranges, yellows, and reds splash onto trees, making the most beautiful settings all year. All of these colors would be amazing additions in the flowers on your bouquet, setting a lovely tone for the event. Another fun part of the Autumn season is the food. Here’s what we love: pumpkin pie, cinnamon spice, turkey, sweet potato casseroles, steaming hot coffee, and of course apple cider! All of these fall foods would be delicious additions to the menu at your wedding reception. Out here at Windwood, Fall is one of the most gorgeous times ever, and we feel like it gets more and more breathtaking every year! Weddings in the fall are absolutely breathtaking here. The cool contrast of cold weather and warm colors is absolutely gorgeous, creating the perfect setting for a celebration of love between two people. Whatever time of day you choose to have your wedding, it will be stunning. Whether it’s a bright sunny morning or a night lit up by the stars, Windwood has all of the perfect elements needed to make the most special day of your life perfect. Getting married in the fall is absolutely magnificent, especially in a setting as wonderful as Windwood. In honor of the gorgeous colors of the season, the cooler weather, the yummy food, and the beginning of something special, here are a couple of our favorite photos of fall weddings here at Windwood.


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