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August 25, 2016

Cake Toppers! What’s Your Style?

Showing off your individual style at your wedding is important, and also so much fun! From the ceremony itself to the bridesmaid dresses, almost everything about your wedding can be your own idea! One of our favorite parts of the event that’s personal and customizable to every couple is the wedding cake topper.   They’re a special flare to add on to the already gorgeous desserts, a finesse that sets the mood of the wedding itself! There are so many different types of toppers to choose from, whether it’s the classic bride and groom figurine, beautiful flowers, or even feathers. Cake toppers are memorable and beautiful. Each one is unique in it’s own special way, just like every wedding is! They can be elegant and classic, like a small arrangement of flowers or greenery.  They can be funny and colorful, or a reference to some of your favorite things! Places, movies, books, characters, shows, memories- any of these would be wonderful. Some brides choose a family heirloom to put on top of her wedding cake, or a special object she holds dear. Others bring something back from college, or even high school! If a couple chooses to have a groom’s cake as well, they can personalize it to whatever represents the groom best!  We’ve loved the hunting feathers, mini fish figurines, and monograms on our groom cakes! There’s so much to choose from, it’s definitely a tough decision to make (but a super fun one, of course)! Here at Windwood, we really enjoy seeing what each couple decides on.  Although they won’t be the very most important part of your wedding, your cake toppers are details friends and family won’t forget! There’s no wrong path to take, many brides and grooms find something fun and new to try.  So, what’s your style?


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