Now for the most important piece of the wedding: YOUR DRESS! Just kidding, we know love is #1, but wedding dresses are right behind that. They’re the perfect outfit for brides, pretty and white and lacy and long. The best part about picking out your wedding dress is that there is so much to choose from! You can find a dress made perfectly for you in every way. There’s a style for everyone! These gorgeous dresses are the perfect items to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day. Shopping for a wedding dress is so much fun (even though it may be tough to narrow down so many beautiful choices). It’s always nice to look at photos and browse online for inspiration on colors, patterns, materials, and shapes. Some brides may want a classical look, while others may gravitate toward more modern looks. Whether your style is more A-line, sweetheart, tunic, empire waist, or princess cut, there’s  no wrong choice you can make. Here at Windwood we’ve seen so many absolutely stunning dresses, and every bride has had her own personal, unique look. Wedding dresses can also be selected based off of what season your wedding will held in. Weddings held during the Fall or Winter months of the year will be a little chillier, so a bride may want sleeves on her dress. During the Spring or Summer, she might opt for a lighter look, strapless or short sleeves. What do you have in mind for your own special day? We know whatever you choose will make your wedding even more special and perfect, and you will look absolutely beautiful! Don’t stress about finding a dress, brides, the perfect fit will most definitely be found! Your wedding dress is a gorgeous memorabilia of one of the most important days of your life, and will be remembered by generations to come! Here are a couple of our favorite dresses and patterns we’ve seen here at Windwood:


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