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July 19, 2016

Personal Touches: Windwood Equestrian

We love when our brides and grooms add personal touches to their wedding day.  This is the best day of their lives and it’s always fun when you see intimate details that show the personalities of our couples.  I really love it when a bride chooses to share memories of their families through photos.  One of the best ways to do this is the small picture frames that brides attached to their bouquets.  The photos could be memorandum pictures of loved ones that have actually passed on or they could be fun-loving photos of the couple and their friends.  Mothers normally give their daughters beautiful handkerchiefs for their wedding day to dry those tears of joy.  Wrapping the handkerchief around the bottom of the bouquet is such an amazing way to keep those mothers close to heart, especially during the walk down the aisle.  Every bride and groom are different and every Windwood wedding is different.  We’ve had some of the most awesome events here and it always amazes me to see the creativity of these couples every weekend! KAM 8681 CAM 9858 MHA  727377 MKS 46540 MCS 44306


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