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July 14, 2016

Bohemian Chic: Windwood Weddings

The wedding day style is usually a reflection of the bride and groom’s personal style.  I must admit, Windwood has some extremely trendy and hip couples.  There’s a style that has taken the wedding world by storm.  Some people call it “bohemian or “boho chic”.  When people think of the word “bohemian”  the one thing that normally pops in their head is a beautiful barefoot, flower-crown wearing bride.  That’s not necessarily the case for all weddings.  There are many different options to having a “boho” themed wedding.  This was probably one of my favorite Windwood weddings over the years.  It was so full of personal style and the couple chose options that didn’t stray too far from a comfortable, laid back but glamorous wedding theme.  From the food choices to the small plants that Rachel and Eric gave as wedding favors, this day was filled with intimate touches that made you feel like you’ve lived in the same home with the couple their entire lives.  I remember a time when a groom wouldn’t think about not wearing a formal tuxedo for a wedding that was after 6pm.  Well, Windwood doesn’t have your average grooms.  Our guys are just as stylish as our brides!  Here are a few of my favorite moments from Rachel and Eric’s wedding!

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