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July 8, 2016

The Seasons of Windwood: Windwood Weddings

There are so many advantages to having an outdoor venue!  One of the main reasons we love Windwood is the fact that  you actually have an opportunity to witness true seasons.  What a difference three months can make!  From the wisteria of Spring to the colorful hillsides of Fall, we have a chance to see the ever changing colors of the entire year!  One of my favorite seasons is Spring.  Trying to describe Windwood in the Spring  to someone is nearly impossible!  If you closed your eyes and opened them, you could easily mistake this place for Ireland.  I’ve never seen grass so luscious and green!  It is truly one  of the most remarkable times to get married at Windwood!  Anyone who knows me could tell you that Fall is my favorite time of year!  One of the advantages to having a wedding here in the Fall is the scenery.  We often tell people that all you have to do is bring your wedding dress and God does the rest.  The hillsides are absolutely breathtaking and it’s the perfect time of the year to light up the fireplace in the courtyard! We can even provide the marshmallows!  Whatever season you choose, you can’t go wrong with Windwood.  It’s such a beautiful venue and we’re so lucky to have a chance to share this place with so many of our amazing clients!

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