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July 21, 2016

Reasons to Love a Farm Venue: Windwood Weddings

There are so many advantages to having a farm venue.  We have those couples who visit Windwood and they actually have grown up on farms or they currently live on a farm.  Then we have those couples that have never even visited a farm before who fall in love with Windwood. Either way, you will find that there isn’t anything like having your wedding amongst some endearing four legged friends.  Windwood has some of the most beautiful horses around.  We love the fact that guests have an opportunity to interact with our horses while celebrating the marriage of their friends and family.  There have been numerous times during the ceremony when our couples have officially been announced as husband and wife and the guests erupt in applause.  The applause generally causes our horses to cheer as well!  I can’t tell you how many guests have asked whether or not that’s something we’ve trained our horses to do!  Our couples also have a chance to have their wedding portraits taken with our horses.  Whether they’re engagement photos of portraits taken the day of the wedding, these are some of our best moments at Windwood.  We would like for every couple to have an experience here that they can’t have anywhere else! We prides ourselves in the beauty of Windwood and the overall experience of having an amazing farm wedding.  What are waiting for?  Hurry and book your Windwood wedding today!

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