August 15, 2015

Something Blue

Today we look at one of the most famous and recognizable traditions in weddings; the poem something old. The poem tells us that if a bride wishes for good luck on her big day and in her married life she should include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in her wedding. While this admittedly can begin to be somewhat of a task to plan around, consider one of the easier aspects, something blue.

Adding a little something blue can be a fun call back to the famous poem and an excuse to break away from your weddings color scheme. Anything as simple as an accent in a bouquet to navy bridesmaids dresses will do the trick, all that matters is the sentiment behind it.

We love seeing traditions like this one living on here at Windwood as well as many other  like it. For more inspiration and ideas about what to include in a wedding you might be planning, check out some amazing photos from Arden Photography!


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