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August 13, 2015

Weddings at Windwood: Jessica and Andrew

This weeks wedding was one of our favorites and closed out the mid summer season with elegance and class. Jessica and Andrew were truly a pleasure to work with and we loved getting the opportunity to spend the weekend with them and their family.

There was so much to love about this wedding as a whole that talking only about the decor or details wouldn’t do it justice. It was how well every aspect of the ceremony and reception played off one another to create an event right out of a fantasy. From the cool mint green and ivory colors featured on tablecloths, centerpieces and florals to the arrangement of the buffet, seeing it all come together that beautiful night is one of the things we truly love most about weddings here at Windwood.

By the end of the evening the newlyweds were ready to make their departure. As they made their exit in a very stylish classic car family and guests waved them off with hundreds of colorful glow sticks. Every minute we got to spend with Andrew and Jessica was colorful and memorable, their love for one another and attention to detail made this wedding unforgettable.

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