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August 7, 2015

Wedding Invitations

People say first impressions are the most important, why wouldn’t this apply to weddings as well? Elaborate entrances, gift tables, and valet parking aside, your wedding’s real first impression will be the invitations. For anyone other than brothers, sisters, and best friends an invitation might be the first news of the big day they get, so it’s always important they reflect the look and feel of the wedding on top of providing the when and the where. That being said, there are a number of different ways to make sure your wedding invitations are as perfect a fit for your wedding as you and your soon to be significant other are for one another.

One option that is always fun and easy on any budget would be DIY. A quick search on Google or YouTube will yield no less than thousands of options for every creative skill level. Not only will these invitations be something worth holding on to for years to come, not just because you paid top dollar for them, but for the memories you will undoubtedly make with your family creating each one together.

For those who want a less hands on approach but still want a personal touch, a professional calligrapher is a great alternative. Calligraphers are artists who specialize literally in the written word. Though most have applied their skills to graphic and digital design, many still create hand written wedding invitations that are in and of themselves a work of art.

In the end, no matter how they’re made or what they look like, a good wedding invitation is one that reflect the time and care a couple puts into the details of their wedding. For more inspiration please take a look at some invites we have seen at Windwood provided by Arden Photography.

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