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August 19, 2015

Windwood Weddings: Adrienne and William

Months ago when we met Adrienne and William, we knew they had a special vision for their wedding. Both are such creative individuals, its no surprise they came together to make a wedding that was as fun to be a part of as it was emotional and heartfelt to watch unfold.

Adrienne spent the first half of her day at Windwood as so many of our brides do, with her bridesmaids having their hair and makeup done. Adrienne also spent some quality time walking through the barn visiting every one of our horses in their stalls and watching decorations go up as the ceremony drew closer and closer. William also got to spend time with his groomsmen at the school barn while getting photos made and getting dressed in their tuxedos. His groomsmen sported purple ties and vests to match the bridesmaids dresses while William himself mirrored his brides white dress with a white vest and tie.

By the time of the ceremony in early afternoon, every member of the bridal party was eager to process down the isle and watch as Adrienne and her father do the same in front of their friends, family and loved ones. They got their wish as William and Adrienne were united for the first time that day at the alter.

After the ceremony, guests got to enjoy a lovely reception in the barn. The food was delicious and the cake was savory, the dancing was fun and energetic and seeing Adrienne and William spending their first hours together as a married couple was as much a gift for us as we’re sure it was for their loved ones. In the end this couple got to live their reception to the fullest and make an exit before sundown. This made for quite a grand exit as guests got to enjoy the classic car and shower of white rose petals that ushered the happy couple off to their honeymoon, all before sunset. We loved working with Adrienne and William and enjoyed every minute of their beautiful wedding. We hope you enjoy these photos provided by Arden Photography!
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