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January 4, 2022

Advice from the Pros: Five Ways to be a Good Wedding Guest

You’re attending a wedding. Now what?


  • ASAP: This will give the couple/planner time to plan accordingly to guest influx.
  • “Officially”: Usually on invitations there is information to RSVP officially so that you don’t keep the bride and groom on their toes with a simple verbal response.

Be Positive

  • Avoid comparing and criticizing details: Each couple’s wedding is individual and unique to their own preferences. Save your opinions for your special day.
  • Share your excitement: Ultimately, the. couple wants you to be just as excited as you are about their long awaited day. If you’re excited, let them know you’re having a great time as a guest.
  • Mingle: Get to know those around you, and make friends and connections.
  • Offer to help: If you see someone or something not going as planned, offer to aid in making things go smoother… but, only if you mean it.
  • Be present: Weddings are meant to celebrate the happiness and love caused by the unity of two individuals, so celebrate… don’t worry about trivial conflict that can wait for another day.

Check Before You Ask

  • Plus-one: Unless if other wise stated, don’t bring a plus-one that may or may not be welcome.
  • Don’t assume children are welcome: Sometimes children cause distractions, and sometimes that’s unwanted during a wedding ceremony. Make sure children are allowed and plan accordingly.
  • Dress: Dress for the occasion. Most of the time the invitation will state dress code ( if anything, it’s always better to dress up then dress under).

Bring A Gift

  • Registry: Check the couple’s registry so that you are gifting something that they need and will use.
  • Mail: Consider mailing your gift so that the couple doesn’t have to worry about gathering up and possibly misplacing your gift.
  • Card: Can’t/don’t want to bring a gift? Consider giving a card to show your appreciation toward the invite.

As a Guest, Be Considerate

  • Venue: Understand and follow the rules of the venue. The owners put a lot of effort to maintain their venue, and they don’t want to cause conflict by getting onto a guest that isn’t respecting their property.
  • Arrive on time: Be punctual. There is a designated time for a reason. Don’t interrupt something important.
  • Drink responsibly: Look, we all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but it also needs to be taken in moderation. Don’t cause other guests to be uncomfortable.
  • Silence your phone: One of the worst things would be for your phone to go off during an important speech or during vows… don’t be that person.
  • Talking during ceremony: Most ceremonies last between 30-45 minutes, allow the couple to take in everything without mindless chatter in the background.
  • Food allergies: If you have specific allergies, let the couple/planner know so that they can plan accordingly.
  • Respect the photographer: We all want to document this special day for our own memories, but it is very important for the hired photographer to be the front-runner in capturing the couple’s special moments. We want the newlyweds to have quality content to reminisce over.
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  1. Randy Spinosa says:

    My nephew Michael borne is getting married Aug 5th…he asked if I would officiate the wedding. This would be my first and I wanted to know if your have some ideas on ceremony that could help. Also, I am a bit concerned about the heat…I am 67 years old and want everything to go well.
    Thank you for any help, RandySpinosa

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