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August 30, 2021

Looking & Feeling Good on Your Wedding Day: Men’s Edition

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Much to many people’s surprise, a wedding isn’t only about the bride. The groom should be just as mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared as his beloved. By you taking the time to put in the effort to prep yourself for your big day, not only will the festivities flow smoother, but it will also take a lot of pressure off of your significant other in regard to them not having to simultaneously worry about you and themselves. Below are a few things to consider to make sure you’re feeling and looking your best for your shared and long-awaited wedding day.

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  • Grooming
    • Smile: Consider getting your teeth whitened, and/or skipping out on the coffee and tea several weeks before the big day.
    • Hair: Get your hair cut, but NOT the day before the wedding. You want to look clean and fresh, and the ample time in between your hair appointment and wedding should allow fo any mishaps to be combed over.
    • Face: Consider a skincare routine. The bride isn’t the only one who should focus on having a clear face on you guys’s special day.
    • Hydrate: Not only will it keep any accidents from occurring in regard to dehydration, but water does amazing things for your skin when consumed often and frequently.
  • Dress
    • Suit: Get a color that you feel confident in and that will also compliment the theme of your wedding. Also, make sure that it is tailored to perfection. A well-fitted suit looks phenomenal in photographs and will make you exude confidence.
    • Accessorize: Think of accessories as a way to bring out your personality on your big day. A sleek watch or classic jewelry, always adds a touch of character to your overall ensemble.
  • Practice
    • Vows: Say them out loud to get the hang of what you wrote down. This way you’ll be able to edit out any unwanted stumbles or unnecessary information.
    • Speech: it’s gonna happen, and it’ll happen fast. Prepare and practice your speech so you can continue on celebrating without any mishaps.
    • Poses: Your bride isn’t the only one that has to be photogenic. Practice posing and facial expressions. We want you to be comfortable in front of the camera because you and your partner will feed off of each other’s energy.
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