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August 23, 2021

How to Give a Proper Toast at a Wedding

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Public speaking: an activity that holds a vicious grip on many people’s number one top fears. Yet, what do you do when your dear family member or friend asks you to take part in the special tradition of presenting a wedding toast on their big day? You say, “YES, of course,” because they love and appreciate you so much that they want to cherish the memory of you speaking at their wedding for a lifetime. So, where to begin? Below is a simple and quaint outline you can base your speech on, as well as a few things to think about and avoid. The road to a wedding toast is daunting, but not impossible, and no matter what, just smile.

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Wedding Toast Outline

  1. Thank the host
  2. Engaging opener
  3. Simple, but endearing anecdote about bride & groom (individual &/or as a couple)
  4. Compliment bride & groom individually & their partnership
  5. Well wishes and congratulations


  • Practice
  • Coordinate with the wedding planner
  • Tactfully get the guests’s attention
  • Keep it simple
  • Speak to the room and get them involved in your speech
  • Be sincere
  • Mix humor and sentimentality
  • Keep it appropriate
  • End on a sweet note


  • Too much alcohol prior to the toast
  • Past relationships/negative commentary on marriage
  • X-rated topics
  • Bathroom humor/inside jokes
  • Your personal life
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