Windwood Equestrian

January 29, 2020

Windwood Envisions Storks in the Near Future

Windwood is expecting a visit from storks in the near future. Nine to be exact. Their dads include Damokles (Ukato X Goodwill), Westminster VDL, and High Five. To make it even more exciting, they are all coming from accomplished mares.

Broodmare Cairobi (Verdi X Epilot)
Westminster VDL

After having success with three of our 2019 foals, we are exhilarated to see what the future has in store for our new babies to come. Foals are a lot of responsibility, but if you nurture them with patience and consistency, it is worth all the time.

Sire Damokles (Ukato X Goodwill)
Sire Damokles (Ukato X Goodwill)


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