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June 13, 2016

Kelly & Ross: Windwood Weddings

I remember the first time I met this couple, I actually thought they were both Ralph Lauren models!  I think the word “striking” is a bit of an understatement when it comes to Kelly and Ross.   It’s just as exciting when a couple’s inside beauty matches their outward beauty.  These two people were definitely made for each other.   I love it when we’re there from the beginning planning stages of a wedding.  From conception to fruition, everything came together just as we planned.  I couldn’t think of any two people who were so perfect for each other.  On May 15th, these two lovely people combined each of their parties of two into one blended family.  That’s right, we now have a part of four!  Tears definitely flowed throughout the day and who knew Kelly could be even more beautiful than the previous times we’d met.  She was stunning in a gorgeous lace gown.  This was such a simple, fun and family-oriented party; exactly the way the couple wanted it!  After the ceremony, guests were welcomed into the main barn while the couple slipped away for a few sunset photos.  Windwood Weddings would like to congratulate Kelly and Ross on a beautiful wedding and a beautiful marriage.  May all of your days be filled with breathtaking sunsets and the love you felt throughout the entire day! Thank you for allowing Windwood to share this wonderful time with both of you!  AKR 88581 MKR 89336 MKR 89305 MKR 89402 AKR 88638 AKR 88640 AKR 88669 MKR 89517 MKR 89551 MKR 89494 MKR 89521 MKR 89714 MKR 89729 AKR 88962 MKR 89770 MKR 89785 AKR 89163 AKR 89187 MKR 89691 MKR 89698 MKR 89796 MKR 89982 MKR 90129


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