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May 24, 2016

Amanda & Bryan’s Wedding

We always love when we first meet our Windwood couples.  They’re so excited about their weddings and we can’t wait to start the planning! They all have different personalities and different visions for their wedding days.  When I first met Amanda, I knew I wanted to work with her.  It was such an awarding experience to be there from the beginning planning stages.  This past weekend was a little bittersweet.  Amanda and Bryan’s day had finally arrived but I knew that the text messages and emails would no longer be.  We form such an amazing bond with our couples and it seems like weddings days get here just way too fast!  I’m so excited for Amanda and Bryan and their wedding was everything I thought it would be.  Amanda was such a beautiful bride and we couldn’t wait to share photos of this wedding.  With perfect weather, the perfect groom and the perfect venue- this page of their lives was torn straight our of a fairly tale.  Thank you for allowing us to be apart of you lives throughout this entire process.  Congratulations to Amanda and Bryan!

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