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May 6, 2016

Party Favors and Details:

Every wedding couple that we see at Windwood is different.  They have different styles and different personalities!  We often have a chance to see their personal styles come through when it comes to details and party favors.  We all want our guests to feel appreciated for attending the most important day our lives.  So, why not send them on their way with a small token to say thank you! We’ve seen things such as gourmet coffee, donuts and keychains as favors.  These are small items that mean the world to someone who attends your wedding.  Most guests that attend the weddings don’t expect to leave with gifts. It is truly a thought provoking gesture for the bride and groom to not only receive gifts, but to give gifts also.  That goes to show you that you never outgrow good old “Southern Hospitality!”

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