Being around wedding cakes every weekend is the best way to satisfy an extensive sweet tooth! I must admit, I was never really a “cake” person until I started photographing weddings and tasting all of the various layered choices.  I mean, these are not your average wedding cakes!  Yes, there are some brides that are sticklers for the traditional vanilla cake with buttercream icing(which is still one of my personal favorites).  But lately, we’re starting to see a trend in those rebellious brides that choose to add a little “flavor” to their lives by choosing cakes with a little more pizzaz!  From lemon cream cheese to pecan praline buttercream,  gourmet wedding cakes have become more and more popular!

I remember the first time I saw fondant icing.  I actually thought to myself “this is a fad that will quickly fade!” For some odd reason, I didn’t realize that under the fondant were layers of coconut, pumpkin and moist chocolate filling.  The idea of using fondant has taken over the cake world.  Mainly because of the smooth texture that creates a blank canvas for cake decorators to showcase their artistic abilities!  I love to see the different colors and variations that brides and bakeries design  for wedding day.  If I could bake the perfect cake, I think it would contain every flavor known to man!  The next time you’re at a wedding, eat the cake!  I’ve never been disappointed in wedding cake and I’m sure you won’t either!

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