Every Wednesday we will be highlighting some of our favorite moments from Windwood Weddings AKA Wedding Wednesday. This week, we are featuring our May 3 bride Aaron Davis—now Aaron Fobian!

Aaron and her lovely bridesmaids are shown in the main hall at Windwood. For those of you wondering what that amazingly large flower is in her bouquet, it is a King Protea. Through the planning process, Aaron kept telling us about this flower that would be in her bouquet. As she was describing it, honestly I was envisioning something similar to a venus fly trap, but on wedding day when this lovely pink flower arrived I was pleasantly surprised!

Aaron and Todd’s wedding was accessorized with memorabilia from their courtship. Todd is a biologist so he frequently dives in the Alabama rivers for research and often finds old glass bottles. It was Aaron’s clever idea to incorporate the mixed bottles into the centerpieces for their seating tables.

Although this photo is just a taste of her beautiful day, don’t worry we will share the rest later!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

Aaron Davis _ Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _Handley McCrory _ Arden Ward Upton


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