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May 16, 2014

Expert Advice: Bella Bridesmaid

Last week, we stopped by Bella Bridesmaid in Homewood to visit with Charlotte and talk to her about this year’s trend in bridesmaid dresses. As usual, we were in awe of all of the beautiful dresses. Can’t wait to go back and get one (or three…) for parties this summer. Sisters Charlotte and Jeana Lee are fantastic at matching girls to the dress that is right for them. Whether it is for debutante balls or weddings, every girl leaves Bella Bridesmaid looking amazing.

Handley: What is your favorite style of bridesmaid dress?

Charlotte: I am more bohemian. I love flowy. So as far as that goes, I love Amsale and Joanna August. Joanna August has these cute two piece dresses with bustiers which is so fun.

H:What fabrics are in this year?

C: This year, lace and tulle are in.

H: If you were to style a wedding at Windwood, how would you do it?

C: The farm can really go either way–dressed up or down. You can wear sequins or jersey, thats the beauty of it. The nature at Windwood is a great background, you don’t have to do anything to enhance it. You can either go very neutral or do a pop of color.

H: I know that you love flowy silhouettes, but which line do you recommend for structured dresses?

C: For a good structured dress, I go to the short Lula Kate dresses. They are the “Build a Bear” of dresses. You can pick whichever top you want and match it with whichever bottom or color.

H: What colors should we expect to see?

C: This year, purple is coming back. Blush is holding on is popular. White and ivory are still popular. And bling this year is really a hit.

bella bridesmaid

bella bridesmaid 2

bella bridesmaid 3

We would like to thank Charlotte (and Mr. Wilson ) for visiting with us! For assistance with all of your bridesmaid dress needs, visit Charlotte & Jeana Lee at Bella Bridesmaid located in Homewood on Broadway Street.


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