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February 21, 2017

Rainy Day Inspiration… What to do?

Happy Tuesday from the Windwood team!

Because of the recent weather that’s left our hair damp and our umbrellas out, today on the blog is a “rainy day” inspirational post! Something slightly different than our normal feature or photo post, we’ve decided to dedicate this whole post to inspiring you guys on rainy days like these. Although rainy days can be drab and grey, it’s important to make the best you can out of them! Rainy days are perfect for catching up, and not just on sleep! If you’re stuck inside, use the time to work on all of the little things you’ve been putting off. Doing the laundry, re-organizing a room, and cleaning out a cabinet are just a few on my list. Not everything has to be about cleaning, though! Fun rainy day activities for you to do can be almost anything. Plan a wedding! Get in touch with your inner diva and give yourself a mani-pedi. Other activities such as cookie making, board games, planning, movie watching, and of course curling up by the window with a favorite book are also wonderful options! The possibilities are endless. Rainy days can be a blast if you know how to handle them! Although we do of course favor the sunny side of the weather, the rain isn’t too bad at all. We hope you have an awesome rainy day/days!

(One last thing you can do… Look at these gorgeous Windwood Wedding photos!!!!)


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