September 8, 2016

Bouquets: What’s Your Pick?

One of the most special parts of every bride’s wedding day is the beautiful arrangement of flowers she carries down the isle: her bouquet! Bouquets add the perfect pop of color and elegance to the bride’s gorgeous ensemble of hair, make up, shoes, dress, and veil. Your bouquet is a special piece of the wedding you’ll never forget. It can be absolutely any combination of colorful flowers and greenery! The flowers you choose to be in your wedding set the perfect color scheme and mood of the whole event. Bouquets and flowers can correspond also to what season or month your wedding will be held in. If you’re planning on holding your wedding in the warmer months of Spring or Summer, bright pinks, greens, whites, and yellows would give the event a wonderful sunny flair. During Autumn or Winter, deeper, warmer colors like reds, oranges, or blues make beautiful bouquets. A bride can do anything she wants with the flowers for their wedding, and her bouquet is the most beautiful piece of all! The type or types of flowers brides choose for their bouquets is an important part of the accessory. There are endless different styles and species of flowers and plants to choose from, all of them equally as stunning! Some brides may want to have a more classical feel, and choose elegant flowers like roses, hydrangeas or tulips. Other brides might want to go with a more eye-popping style, using a variety of  beautiful wildflowers or unique grape hyacinths! Whatever you decide to choose, we are sure your wedding flowers and bouquet will be truly lovely! Here at Windwood we have seen so many different styles or arrangements, all of them so beautiful we couldn’t help but take some photographs! These are a couple of our favorite bouquets we’ve seen so far:



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