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August 1, 2016

Farm Wedding Glam: Windwood Weddings

Some people actually think that every farm wedding has to be boho chic or farm to table.  That’s not necessarily the case with Windwood weddings!  We’ve had some of the most glamorous weddings at Windwood.  From chandeliers to seated dinners, this space definitely isn’t lacking in any of the glam wedding requirements.  We love to see how each bride pushes the decor to the next level.  One weekend we may have beautiful streamers hanging from the trees and the next week we may have beautiful chandeliers suspended from the trees.  It all depends on the personality of each of our couples.  Every wedding is different because every Windwood couple is different.   Everyone loves a little sparkle, even our horses!  Crystal chandeliers, with crystal champagne flutes along with a little bling added to the bridal bouquet always make a for a great combination.  We’ve had a lot of styled shoots at Windwood just to give brides an opportunity to see the amazing and endless possibilities.  We are always at a lost for words when everything comes together on wedding day and those tiny decisions that our couples make have made a dramatic impact on the style of their wedding.

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