October 26, 2015

Top Tips to Help you Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake!

Let the cake tasting begin! One of the most fun aspects of planning a wedding is choosing, and of course, getting to taste all of the wedding cake! After all, what could be better than sampling slice after slice of delicious cake? Since, ideally, you should order the cake six months before the wedding, it’s best to start considering what you would like soon after you’ve chosen your reception site and the style of your wedding.

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Choose a Reputable Bakery

Brides-to-be should absolutely do some research to find the ideal wedding cake. Visit the bakery’s website to view images of their work. Next you should visit the bakery in person and meet with the staff. It’s important to walk out of the bakery with an image of the cake — either drawn or rendered via computer — so that there aren’t any surprises.

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Choose a Style

Consider your venue, the time of year and, of course, your personal sense of style. A formal wedding generally calls for a structured, multitier cake; it can be elaborately or simply decorated, so long as its style implies something ceremonial and grand. Some couples might choose a less traditional style for their wedding, cupcake towers, mini dessert buffets, dessert shooters or pastries are just a few options for couples today. Once you’ve decided what style of wedding cake you want, you’ll be ready to get started!



Select a Design

Many brides bring their color scheme (wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses) into the design of their cake. Think of your wedding cake as a blank canvas- it can be kept simple and minimalist or decorated with different colors and designs. Consider whether you want your wedding cake to fit in with any color themes you have (such as with tablecloths, flowers, etc.) or whether your cake will have its own design. Coordinating with the bakery making your cake can help you with these decisions of the design process.



Figure out the Size

Depending on the number of guests you will have at your reception, you will need a specific size cake. Lots of couples request something quite grand.  They generally require their cake to be a real centrepiece and for it to be the focal point of the room. There as so many things to consider, so when speaking to your cake designer make sure he or she is aware of not only your design requirements but your cake requirements.  An experienced cake designer should always advise you on portions and ensure that you have more than enough cake for the day.

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Eat a Piece of Your Own Cake!

You’d be surprised how many couples don’t get a chance to eat their own wedding cake — don’t let that be you! If you don’t have time to sit down at the reception and enjoy a slice, ask your caterer to save some for you.


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