September 30, 2015

Creative Wedding Favors for Your Guest!

It’s time to celebrate with your guests! The wedding favor is the one part of the wedding which your guests will take home as a reminder of your Wedding Day. Favors for guests are made to be small tokens of appreciation for attending the wedding and they also serve as souvenirs from the wedding as well. Check out the favor ideas below, your guest will love them!

Mini bottles of liquor – such as wine, champagne, whiskey, or tequila – can make really cute favors if you package them up right!

wedding gift 12


Jars of honey, jam, or pepper jelly are the perfect thank-you presents for wedding guests. They all have long shelf lives and are such a treat!

wedding gifts 6


Flip-Flops make a great gift that your guest can enjoy long after the wedding. On wedding day, ladies can kick off their heels and men their tight shoes to dance the night away!

wedding gifts 15


Koozies make great wedding favors that can be personalized with your wedding date. Your friends will always think of you and remember your wonderful celebration every time they use them!

wedding gifts 20




How much fun would it be to hand out sunglasses at your summer wedding! You know your photographer will be able to get some great shots of your guest in their shades!wedding gifts 8



These mini lanterns are so cute! Your guest will be thrilled to receive this adorable reminder of your special day!

wedding gifts 14


Give your guests a s’mores kit complete with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, and you will give them a fun reminder of their childhood!

wedding gifts 11


And finally, a candy or cookie bar is so much fun!  Let your guest fill up their goodie bag or box to take home with them. What a treat that would be!

wedding gifts 5



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