September 1, 2015

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

We are so ready for Fall here at Windwood! We have so many exciting events coming up, with two horse shows, and all of our upcoming weddings, we have so much to look forward to!

Our horse shows are always a fun and exciting way to not only let our riders show their talent, but also to see other riders from around the state compete at the farm. This year Windwood Equestrian and Jill Dean will be hosting two shows in September and October so there is no excuse to miss out on a fun filled weekend this fall.

Not only are we looking forward to hosting riders and equestrian fans at events this fall, we will also have a very busy wedding schedule! Windwood is going to really come to life as the leaves begin to change and the air gets cooler. We are look forward to enjoying the crisp autumn air and the warm colors of the season!


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