July 30, 2015

The Beauty of Black and White

Picking photos to print from a recent wedding? Why not consider printing in monochrome or black and white! Monochrome photos are photos featuring different shades of just one color, think sepia-tone for instance. Photos like these have been around since the dawn of still photography and chances are, you’ve seen at least some vintage wedding photos in black and white.

But a vintage look is by no means the only thing that brides love about seeing some of their photos in b&w. In an image driven world we are constantly seeing videos, pictures, gifs and more every time we turn on a computer or use our phones. That’s why when it comes to sharing pictures from their weddings, many brides opt for the timeless appeal of a photo in black and white. Without color distracting the eye, viewers can focus on what were really the most important parts of the wedding; the newlyweds sharing a kiss, the gorgeous day they spent with friends and family, celebrating their love together and so much more.

Take a look at some of these lovely black and white photos provided by Arden Photography!

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