July 9, 2015

Grooms Cakes

A wedding party and a tasty cake go hand in hand without a doubt so its no wonder that cakes of one kind or another have been a part of wedding ceremony and tradition for a very long time. One of the more recent changes to that tradition is the addition of a groom’s cake.

Grooms cake which was originally a party favor or a treat that would be divided up and given to guests at the end of a wedding  has now become so much more. It’s not uncommon to see cakes lavishly decorated or made to look like a football teams logo, a life sized fish or for the grooms “cake” not to be a cake at all. At Windwood we continue to be impressed by the unique ideas for cake stand-ins we see such as donut and coffee bars in the winter and ice cream bars in the summer. Even holiday themed desserts like kings cake or fruitcake often take on the roll of the grooms cake depending on the season.

In short the grooms cake is a fun way to add a memorable detail to any wedding and make it a delicious one at that!

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