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July 1, 2015

Pole Painting and BBQ Party at Windwood

Here’s hoping a full weekend of eating barbeque over the holiday won’t ruin anybody’s appetite because come the 14th we’re expecting a barn full of hungry guests to enjoy a BBQ party at Windwood! Cost of admission? Just come ready to eat and in some clothes you don’t mind getting a little paint (or sauce) on.

Between riding camp in the summer and lessons year round, our jump poles get a lot of use. Now its time to give them a fresh coat of paint which is why along with savory food, we’ll have paint stations at the barn where everyone can help us repaint them to keep our poles looking as good as new. Be sure to keep up with us on social media as the date gets closer for more updates!

Windwood_Summer_Breeze_Horse_Show_2014_Arden_Photography Windwood_Summer_Breeze_Horse_Show_2014_Arden_Photography AWH  651341 Windwood_Summer_Breeze_Horse_Show_2014_Arden_Photography


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