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March 26, 2015

Windwood Weddings: Claire & John

Weddings are celebrations, parties filled with laughter, dancing, and love. Each couple is different though, and they all celebrate in different ways. Claire and John? They were party animals! And wow – was this one fun wedding and reception! There was never any doubt about that though as this couple was one for the books: sweet, kind, and a whole lot of good time! Claire had incorporated many beautiful details from the rich red bouquet, the garland wreath above their nuptials, the deer antlers on the groom’s cake, and of course, the glow stick accessories at the reception! DJ CoCo played house music, they inflated a giant whale pool toy, brought out the broomsticks turned make-shift guitars – add it all up, and it makes for one unforgettable wedding! Congratulations, Claire and John! We were so honored to be apart of your big day!



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