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August 28, 2014

National Bow Tie Day

Not only is today the start of SEC football…but its also National Bow Tie Day y’all! On wedding day, the men’s fashion is often overlooked, but in the South we love a good man with a bow tie!  Of course all of our grooms at Windwood are dapper, but today we are highlighting the bow tie wearing boys. We hope you enjoy looking through these during commercial break of the Ole Miss vs. Boise State game tonight (willing to bet our bottom dollar that plenty Ole Miss fans are rocking a bow tie)!

KRA  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MJP  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MAM  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MAW  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_DayPhotos courtesy of Arden Photography


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