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August 21, 2014

Windwood Summer Breeze Horse Show

Our Windwood Summer Breeze Horse Show is taking place this weekend August 22-23. We are so excited to host all of these riders! Riders aging from 5 years to adult are coming from all over Alabama will be coming to Windwood to show. Arden Photography will be around taking photos as well. So parents–be on the lookout for them to make sure they capture any photo you may want to get! Posted Below is all the information that you might need, but for more please contact Jill Dean at 205-603-6166 or

Windwood Equestrian Horse Show

4848 Highway 11 Pelham, AL 35124

Judges: Trey Lawson and Rose Marie Lawson

Conditions of Entry

1. Pre-entry fees are $15.00 per class. Pre-entries will be accepted through on-line registration until Thursday,August 21. Register online at All other entries shall be treated as post-entries and accepted at $17.00 per class. An AHJA administrative fee of $10 per horse is required for all recognized classes. An additional $10 fee will be charged for all non AHJA members. AHJA membership forms will be available at the registration desk. A $10 secretary fee will be added to each entry and a $10 fee for each warmup.

2. Limited stalls ($45.00 per night) and paddocks are available. Contact Jill Dean 205-603-6166

3. Academy Classes will run Friday starting at 4PM. Schooling will be available on Friday. Schooling allowed Saturday until 15 minutes before ring start time.

4. Hard hats must be worn at all times by all riders when mounted, including schooling. Junior riders must

wear ASTM-approved helmets.

5. The management reserves the right to refuse, accept conditionally, or cancel any entries, disqualify

exhibitors, prohibit showing of entries, and cancel awards of prizes without claims or damages.

Management will abide by the AHJA rules where it concerns combining divisions. The management

reserves the right to cancel any classes with insufficient entries or because of weather.

6. Due to August heat, coats will be waived and polo shirts encouraged but not required.

7. Current AHJA rules will be available at the secretary’s desk.


From Birmingham, I-65 S to exit 242. Once exited, turn left and cross back over the interstate. Continue on this road (highway 52) until it ends at a traffic light. Turn left, this will be Highway 11. Windwood is located 2 miles down on the right. Gate code #0822



Friday – Saturday August 22-23, 2014

Windwood Equestrian 4848 Highway 11 Pelham, AL 35124

Friday August 22

Ring 2 – Small Ring- Starting at 4:00 PM


  1. Academy Walk-Trot U/S A
  2. Academy Walk-Trot O/P A1
  3. Academy Wall-Trot O/P A2
  4. Academy Walk-Trot Eq On the Flat A
  5. Academy Walk-Trot Eq O/P A
  6. Academy Walk-Trot U/S B
  7. Academy Walk-Trot O/P B1
  8. Academy Walk- Trot O/P B2
  9. Academy Walk-Trot Eq on the Flat B
  10. Academy Walk-Trot Eq O/P B
  11. Academy Cross Pole U/S
  12. Academy Cross Pole I
  13. Academy Cross Pole II
  14. Academy 18” – 2’ U/S
  15. Academy 18” – 2’ I
  16. Academy 18” – 2’ II

 Saturday August 23

*Warm up rounds may be purchased from the show secretary for $10 each.


Ring 1- Large Ring- 8AM warmup

17. Schooling Hunter Under Saddle

18. Schooling Hunter I (2’3”)

19. Schooling Hunter II

20. Children’s Hunter Under Saddle

21. Children’s Hunter Equitation on the Flat

22. Children’s Hunter I (3’)

23. Children’s Hunter II

24. Children’s Hunter Equitation O/F

25. Adult Hunter Under Saddle

26. Adult Hunter Equitation on the Flat

27. Adult Hunter I (3’)

28. Adult Hunter II

29. Adult Hunter Equitation over Fences

30. Junior/ Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

31. Junior/Amateur Hunter I (3’3)

32. Junior/Amateur Hunter II

33. AHJA Junior/Amateur Medal

34. Regular Working Hunter Under Saddle

35. Regular Working Hunter I (3’3- 3’6”)

36. Regular Working Hunter II

— 15 Minute Schooling Break —

37. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Under Saddle

38. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Equitation on the Flat

39. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter I (2’3” – 2’6”)

40. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter II

41. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Equitation O/F

42. Baby Green Hunter I Under Saddle

43. Baby Green Hunter I (2’6”)

44. Baby Green Hunter II

45. Modified Hunter Under Saddle

46. Modified Hunter I (2’6”)

47. Modified Hunter II

48. Low Hunter Under Saddle

49. Low Hunter I (2’9”)

50. Low Hunter II

51. Schooling Pony Under Saddle

52. Schooling Pony I (2’)

53. Schooling Pony II

54. Children’s Pony Hunter Under Saddle

55. Children’s Pony Equitation on the Flat

56. Children’s Pony Hunter I (2’ SM-M/2’6” L)

57. Children’s Pony Hunter II

58. Children’s Pony Equitation O/F

59. Pony Hunter Under Saddle

60. Pony Hunter Equitation on the Flat

61. Pony Hunter I (2’3” / 2’6” / 2’9”)

62. Pony Hunter II

63. Pony Hunter Equitation O/F



*Warm up rounds may be purchased from the

show secretary for $10 each.

Ring 2 – Small Ring –Starting at 8:30 AM


64. Walk/Trot Hunter I (Cavaletti)

65 Walk/Trot Hunter II

66. Walk/Trot Hunter Equitation over Fences

67. Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle

68. Walk/Trot Hunter Equitation on the Flat

69. Cross Pole Hunter Under Saddle

70. Cross Pole Hunter Equitation on the Flat

71. Cross Pole Hunter I (Crossrails)

72. Cross Pole Hunter II

73. Cross Pole Hunter Equitation O/F

74. Hopeful Hunter I

75. Hopeful Hunter II

76. Hopeful Hunter Under Saddle

77. Short Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle

78. Short Stirrup Hunter Equitation on the Flat

79. Short Stirrup Hunter I (18” – 2’)

80. Short Stirrup Hunter II

81. Short Stirrup Hunter Equitation O/F

82. Long Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle

83. Long Stirrup Hunter Equitation on the Flat

84. Long Stirrup Hunter I (18” – 2’)

85. Long Stirrup Hunter II

86. Long Stirrup Hunter Equitation O/F

87. Starting Hunter Under Saddle

88. Starting Hunter I (2’)

89. Starting Hunter II





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