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April 2, 2014

Katherine Bramlett Art

Today we are proudly featuring an up and coming local artist. Allow us to introduce you to Katherine Bramlett. Katherine was born and raised in the Birmingham area, and after attending Vanderbilt for college she decided to come back to her hometown. Currently, she is working as an interior designer with Marjorie Johnston & Co. It was through her work in design and her love of all things beautiful that Katherine discovered her passion for painting. Handley and Katherine attended high school together, so Handley was really excited to get together to hear more of her story!


Handley:  I am so excited to be talking to you about your passion—painting!

Katherine: I know! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am thrilled to be able to talk to you about my paintings!

H: Ok so I know that you have a creative soul, but how did you get into painting?

K: I started painting with my Dad when I was young when we would go to the beach. It was just something that we did together. He always used so many different colors and mediums, so it really sparked my interest. I definitely have my Dad to thank for getting me started.

H: Where do you pull your inspiration?

K: I love design and art and I feel so blessed to be able to combine my passion with my job! I am daily surrounded by creative people, color, fabric, and beautiful images. Every day is a joy, and I am constantly inspired! So I would say my inspiration comes from my dad to day. Whether that is fabrics or the sunset; I feel like my eye is constantly looking for new combinations of color and movement. I’d say lately i’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from sunsets. It sounds so cliche but there is truly nothing more beautiful or inspirational than the colors in nature. God is the greatest artist! I would also say that past experiences from painting with my dad to my art history classes in school also influence my work.

H: How would a bride or someone searching for a hostess or wedding gift go about commissioning your pieces?

K: I have grouped my pieces into small, medium, and large and once someone contacts me we can work together to determine which size would work best for your space or for whatever gift you have in mind. We will then figure out what style and look you would like based on styles of my work that you have seen or if you have something in mind color wise. It’s a conversation process and that way the piece that each person gets is very custom and not like any other piece.

H: So a bride could use her color scheme for her wedding for you to go by and do little paintings for her bridesmaids?

K: Exactly! I think paintings using the bride’s colors would be such a thoughtful and personal gift!

H: Well, I am so excited and proud of you for this new adventure you are on!

K: Thank you, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


katherine bramlett

For more information about Katherine’s work, visit her website.


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