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February 5, 2014

Top Weddings Of All Time

In keeping with the theme of romance, we are revisiting the top 10 weddings in history. From now to Valentine’s Day, we will share with you all of our favorite weddings. To start things off, let us all remember the roller coaster romance that was Carrie and Mr. Big on Sex and the City. From the back of a town car, to Paris, to a jaw-dropping penthouse–their love was definitely not boring. All of you girls out there that have been patiently (maybe not so much…) waiting for a ring on that special finger, just remember that Carrie waited 10 years. Now enjoy ogling over her lovely Vivienne Westwood dress for the almost wedding at the New York Library and also her simple successful wedding at city hall. Carrie and Mr. Big = the best romance of ALL TIME (Kanye West voice)!

carrie&big_Windwood Weddings

Keep in mind that since Arden didn’t take these photos, the quality is not the greatest.


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