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November 11, 2013

Expert Advice: Event Rentals Unlimited

This past week we managed to nail down Mike Pozowicz, from Event Rentals Unlimited, for a lunch meeting. If any of you know Mike, you know his schedule is crazy busy and catching him face to face is a little tough. During the transformation of Windwood from just an equestrian facility to a home for both equestrian activities as well as weddings, Mike has been there every step of the way to offer his advice and guidance. During lunch, he and I went over some of the key things that brides should think about related to rentals for their wedding at Windwood.

Handley: Thanks for meeting me today!

Mike: Anytime! I love coming out to Windwood.

H: Ok, so what would you say would be the first thing brides need to determine in the wedding planning process?

M: To start, you need to determine the number of people at the event. The number of people will determine the size of the tent, the number of chairs, tables, bars-  if you’re going to have a bar- food tables etc. Then you need to think about are you doing a sit down dinner? Do you need a large dance floor? At Windwood, you already have a stage built so that’s not a problem. The bride really needs to determine their vision based on the number of people. The beauty of Windwood is that its so versatile. You can have a wedding in the small barn and reception on the courtyard or you can have a large tented affair in one of the fields. All the planning begins with the number of people though…

H: You’re right that Windwood is really versatile for large and small events. Next, what would you say is the most common mistake you see brides make is?

M: Not planning early enough. As far as the rentals go, you have to reserve your stuff early to ensure that its available for your big day. So plan ahead!

H: Now for the tent… what are some pros and cons of having a tent and not having a tent?

M: Pros would be  that you have a peace of mind on your wedding day that your party will be safe. Next pro would be the obvious, that you’re protected from the elements. Then I would say that a tent adds an instant visual stimulation for your guests. We can drape and light the inside of the tent to turn it into a real spectacle. As far as the cons go, there really are none.

H:What is your favorite thing about working at Windwood?

M: Windwood is very versatile. There are multiple locations for your wedding setup. You have the small barn for your ceremony, you also have up top with the stage and the large barn. The large barn has a lot of indoor space and the great patio with the cafe lights that look wonderful under the night sky. You can also tent the courtyard in case of elements or if you just wanted to add another element to your wedding. The field options are also great if you want to put up massive tents, structures with twin pole peaks and create a whole different feel. Once you add a tent you can always make them as glamorous as you want. We can do the rustic farm look or you can transform it into anything just because Windwood has the space available to dream big. Windwood is very versatile for the space it has to offer and the free reign your clients get when they’re out there.

H: I agree– Windwood has many different options for weddings and parties! Thanks so much for sitting down and talking to me. I always appreciate your input!

M: Of course!


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William, Arden, and Mike at the Windwood Open House.

Photo: Arden Photography


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