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June 10, 2013

New Addition to Windwood!

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was a big weekend for Windwood Equestrian at the horse show in Kentucky. The first day, WEC L’ami Noir, WEC Coming Up, KEC Mogidashu and Cairobi all jumped clean and Midnight Dance was clean and two out of 70 horses! As the weekend went on, William and Coming Up won their first blue ribbon together!  John Smith’s Cairobi and Sarah won the six year old YJC qualifier class with a fast double clear and WEC Coming Up was fourth with just two time faults. Audrey and Edeling started off Saturday with great trips in their debut in the children’s hunters. Katie Boehme and Mogi jumped clean in the high adults in the Rolex stadium! Joanne and Penelope jumped clean in the lows as well. As the weekend wrapped up, Madison Massey and Cammie won the low ch/ad jumper classic! Joanne Boyd and Penelope were fourth in the 3’6 classic. Audrey and Edeling were double clean in their jumper debut! We are so proud of our Windwood riders!!





Photography: Arden Photography

Last but certainly not least…we can’t forget about Windwood’s newest addition! Our new stallion, WEC Damokles, is from Holland and is five years old. When I tell you he’s a beautiful horse, he might be the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Brides, you definitely want to check him out next time you are at the barn, he photographs very well.

WEC Damokles

WEC Damokles



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