The end of October is near, and we all know what that means! HALLOWEEN!!! Everyone’s favorite night filled with outrageous costumes, delicious candy (it’s a holiday… splurging is a must!), and memorable times with friends and family. From 2 to a hundred and two, Halloween is a night of fun for people of all ages. Since the 31st of October is such a big event, sometimes it’s a good idea to prepare a little ahead of time. One of the most enjoyable pieces of that is finding your costume! There are endless options and varieties of costumes. Princesses, princes, TV show characters, movie characters, comical puns, superheroes, the list goes on and on! Although finding a Halloween costume might not be very difficult for some, we composed a list of some helpful tips to aid you on your way!

  1. Pick out something you won’t mind wearing for a longer amount of time. Parties are so much fun, but not when you’re stuck in uncomfortable clothes!
  2. Get creative! Making a costume is awesome, and so satisfying! There are tons of ideas on the internet, especially on websites like Pinterest or Etsy.
  3. Sometimes it’s fun to dress up in a group of friends. For example: The Spice Girls, “Friends” characters, Skittles, M&M’s, Snap Crackle and Pop, and many others!
  4. Go all out! Explore what other elements you can add to your costume, rather than just the clothing. Think about spooky makeup, crazy hair styles, eye popping shoes, and Halloween themed mani-pedis!
  5. Make sure to remember to keep the weather in mind. It may not seem important, but knowing how hot or cool/wet or dry Halloween will be essential in deciding on a costume (should my princess dress be sleeved or strapless?)! Although the Fall season is traditionally chilly, here in Alabama we’re still having borderline Summer weather, with temperatures in the 80s!

Whatever costume you choose to buy or make, we’re sure it will be absolutely magical (or spooky!!!!!)! Happy Halloween!


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