26 Mar Windwood Weddings: Claire & John

Weddings are celebrations, parties filled with laughter, dancing, and love. Each couple is different though, and they all celebrate in different ways. Claire and John? They were party animals! And wow – was this one fun wedding and reception! There was never any doubt about that though as this couple was one for the books: sweet, kind, and a whole lot of good time! Claire had incorporated many beautiful details from the rich red bouquet, the garland wreath above their nuptials, the deer antlers on the groom’s cake, and of course, the glow stick accessories at the reception! DJ CoCo played house music, they inflated a giant whale pool toy, brought out the broomsticks turned make-shift guitars – add it all up, and it makes for one unforgettable wedding! Congratulations, Claire and John! We were so honored to be apart of your big day!


25 Mar Windwood Weddings: Casey & Matt

Casey and Matt’s wedding day was one of the most beautiful days of the year. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the stunning greenery throughout Windwood made this fairytale wedding picture perfect. Arden Photography captured gorgeous photos throughout the day (Just feast your eyes on the pictures below!). This couple was all about the intricate details that made the whole wedding come together flawlessly. From the strand of pearls, to the bouquets hanging beneath the altar, and the wine glass center pieces, nothing was amiss. While the ceremony was classic and beautiful, don’t let that fool you! This couple was one that knew how to have fun as well. Their reception, with all its beautiful touches, was also filled with dancing, laughter, and bottles of champagne bubbles! The couple was surrounded by friends, family, and a lot of bubbles as they were whisked away to start their lives together. Congratulations Casey and Matt, we loved being apart of your very special and beautiful day!


01 Oct Windwood Weddings: Laura & Zechariah

Love at first box jump? Now thats something you don’t hear every day… Laura & Zechariah met at a local Iron Tribe and knew that they had found their soul mates. Not only were the bride and groom avid Iron Tribers, but most of their bridal party AND their families were as well. Needless to say, I was a little envious of their muscle definition…but it didn’t keep me away from the cake!

Laura & Zechariah were married at Windwood in a very intimate ceremony. Zechariah’s father married the couple underneath an arbor that the bride’s father built for them. After the wedding, the arbor will be placed in their backyard for a swing—what a great memento! The couple was beaming with joy all day long! Even our barn cat Edgar was thrilled for this marriage (he sat right next to Laura during the ceremony). After the ceremony, guests went to our courtyard for a night of dinner and dancing. The crowd had a blast celebrating the couple and the bride and groom even made their way on stage. Laura & Zechariah, we loved being a part of your special day and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

laura spivey blog_1laura spivey blog_2laura spivey blog_3laura spivey blog_4laura spivey blog_5

All photos Arden Photography

30 Sep Windwood Equestrian: Westminster Horse Show

This past weekend, our Windwood Riders competed at the Westminster Horse Show. We are absolutely thrilled with their results and so proud of them! Megan and Mr. Irresistible were Champion in Pre-Child Hunters, and Reserve Champion in Schooling Hunter. Izzi and Double Dutch were Champion in Short Stirrup. Lauren and General Patton’s Champagne were Champion in Crosspole Hunter. Katherine and Best Around were Reserve Champion in Pre-Child Hunter. Emma and Olympian’s Dainty Rose were Reserve Champion in Children’s Pony Hunter. Gracie and Farnley Belle were Champion in Walk Trot Hunter, and Reserve Champion in Crosspole Hunter.

WOW! Way to go team Windwood! Special thanks to our coach Jill Dean for all that you do! Excited to see what they do next!

Windwood Equestrian: Westminster Horse Show

27 Sep Tara & Eric: Arden Photography

Every bride dreams of getting married under sunny blue skies, fair conditions, with a warm breeze – but rarely does it work out so perfectly. Tara and Eric must be two lucky people because that is just what Mother Nature delivered for them! And when weather conditions are perfect, there really isn’t anything to complain about. These two were incredibly laid-back, relaxed, and all about that “go-with-the-flow” mentality. Tara was a vision in her gown and veil, while her groom was dapper and composed. Smiles and laughs were plentiful with this group, and the celebration continued on late into the night! Windwood Equestrian was alight with soft candle flames and twinkling lights as the couple made their exit and said their farewells on their way to wedded bliss!

eric-tara-00 eric-tara-01 eric-tara-02 eric-tara-03 eric-tara-04 eric-tara-05 eric-tara-06 eric-tara-07 eric-tara-08

21 Sep Happy Anniversary Arden & William!

We can’t believe its been a year since their wedding! Happy First Anniversary to Arden & William! We wish you many more years of happiness!

arden & william anniversary_Windwood_weddings_windwood weddings_ arden photography_windwood equestrian_birmingham

Arden Photography

20 Sep Kylee and Jay

Can you tell we loved this wedding?? I mean come on, you know it is going to be awesome when you walk in to find a bunch of bridesmaids, hair in rollers, champagne flute in hand and cheering on their favorite football team! Kylee and Jay married beneath streamers blowing in the wind at Windwood Equestrian. Who doesn’t love a groom in a bow tie and bridesmaids in mismatching dresses? We had such a great time capturing this wedding!

kylee-jay-00 kylee-jay-01 kylee-jay-02 kylee-jay-03 kylee-jay-04 kylee-jay-05 kylee-jay-06 kylee-jay-07 kylee-jay-08 kylee-jay-09 kylee-jay-10 kylee-jay-11 kylee-jay-12 kylee-jay-13 kylee-jay-14

19 Sep Farm Friday: Brownland Farms Fall Series

This past weekend our rider Wimberly competed at the Brownland Farm Fall Series. We have been so happy to have Wimberly and her family at Windwood, and we are thrilled to see how she does this upcoming show season. Wimberly and her horse Billy were Reserve Champion in the Modified Junior Jumpers. Also, they were third in the 1.20 Open Jumper Class. Congrats Wimberly!!




17 Sep Wedding Wednesday: The Little Ones

Happy Wedding Wednesday! What would a wedding be without the little ones? Whether they wake up from their naps in time for the ceremony, don’t drop one petal, haphazardly object to the marriage, or don’t even make it down the aisle–these little humans make the day cuter { and funnier}  to say the least!

little ones_windwood_weddings_birmingham_alabama_windwood_equestrian_handley_mccrory

13 Sep Austin and Jake

The fall wedding season is in full swing here at Arden Photography! But who could complain when you’ve got such beautiful people to photograph?! We often say that a happy bride makes all the difference when it comes to the wedding photos. Austin was more than happy – she was absolutely beaming! She smiled and laughed all day – we don’t have a single photo of her where she isn’t. Their wedding was full of elegant charm, pops of vibrant color, and handmade tokens that made it all the more intimate. Thank you Austin and Jake for letting us be part of your big day!

tara-eric-01 tara-eric-02 tara-eric-03 tara-eric-04 tara-eric-05 tara-eric-06 tara-eric-07 tara-eric-08 tara-eric-09 tara-eric-10 tara-eric-11 tara-eric-12 tara-eric-13

10 Sep Wedding Wednesday: Austin & Jake’s Wedding Week!

This week is Austin & Jake’s Wedding Week!!! We are so excited to celebrate this sweet couple this weekend. As we are preparing and finalizing all the little details, we decided to revisit their engagement photos taken by Arden Photography. Not only do they make us CRAVE fall, but it just made us giddy that they decided to share their big day with us at Windwood. Austin and Jake are such incredible people, and the planning process has been nothing but a joy! Three days left guys!!

Wedding Wednesday: Austin & Jake's Wedding Week

Wedding Wednesday: Austin & Jake's Wedding Week

Wedding Wednesday: Austin & Jake's Wedding Week


03 Sep Wedding Wednesday: Farm Cat

Windwood is an oasis for animals of all kinds. Our property is home to 35 horses, a mini horse, a doberman, 4 ducks, and more deer and turkey than I can count. BUT I have a soft spot for our farm cats. Ask anyone, I am a bonafide “cat-lady” after I took home a kitten that used to live at Windwood. During weddings, two of our farm cats usually flee the premises, but Edgar always sticks around. Edgar mingles with all the guests. He can even be spotted in some of the large group formal photos from time to time. I mean, we think that he just loves the attention from all of the ladies, but really it might be the good food at the receptions. We can’t quite tell… Next time you attend an event at Windwood keep an eye out for Edgar by the bar, trying to catch the garter, or even nuzzling a flower girl.




02 Sep Windwood Weddings: Liza & Freddy

This wedding blog, our Senior Event Coordinator Handley shares her memories from a special August wedding…

Liza & Freddy were married at Windwood this August. From the moment I met Liza and Freddy, I knew that they were a special couple. Liza was a member of the Auburn Equestrian Team so it was only natural that she choose Windwood as her wedding venue. Through the planning process, not only did we form a friendship but I developed an enormous amount of admiration for the love the two of them shared. On the wedding day the couple wanted to do a “first look.” Most couples that get married at Windwood choose to do a first look, and usually as I watch them embrace I get sentimental. But Liza and Freddy’s “first look” was different. We did their first look on the road alongside the rolling hills and horse paddocks, and as I fluffed Liza’s gown and she approached Freddy I found myself just grinning from ear to ear. I was so excited for this couple! And then something happened… Freddy turned around and saw Liza and she squealed and immediately hugged him and said “I can’t wait to marry you.” Y’all I can’t describe the giant tears that formed in my eyes and the feeling that was felt by those observing this moment. Even though its a simple sentence, that sentence right there is what a wedding is all about. It was very refreshing.

Sadly, Liza’s father passed a few years ago and therefore was not able to be with them on the wedding day. A note found on his office desk was put on the back of the ceremony programs. Other sentimental touches were sprinkled throughout. The love of both of these families made the day absolutely incredible. As guests arrived, one of our Windwood riders jumped a few jumps to pay tribute to Liza’s equestrian side. The toasting goblets were Liza’s parents’ and Freddy’s cousin sang “Oh Tonight” for the first dance. To say the least, a good time was had by everyone in attendance!

From everyone here at Windwood, we wish the couple a lifetime of love and happiness!

handley mccrory_ windwood_weddings





liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

 liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

liza luker wedding_1_windwood_weddings_alabama_arden_photography

All images Arden Photography

29 Aug Windwood Horse Show 2014

Last weekend Windwood hosted our annual Windwood Summer Breeze Horse Show! We were honored to host over ninety horses and riders. The weekend was filled with laughs, ribbons (of both the hair and award variety) and lots of horsey fun. Phoenix even made some new friends. We are so proud of all of our Windwood Students who were all either champion or reserve champion!! We hope everyone enjoyed their time at Windwood as much as we enjoyed having you here!

AWH  651351

AWH  651349

AWH  651341

AWH  651311








All photos Arden Photography

28 Aug National Bow Tie Day

Not only is today the start of SEC football…but its also National Bow Tie Day y’all! On wedding day, the men’s fashion is often overlooked, but in the South we love a good man with a bow tie!  Of course all of our grooms at Windwood are dapper, but today we are highlighting the bow tie wearing boys. We hope you enjoy looking through these during commercial break of the Ole Miss vs. Boise State game tonight (willing to bet our bottom dollar that plenty Ole Miss fans are rocking a bow tie)!

KRA  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MJP  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MAM  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

MAW  Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_Day

Windwood_Weddings_National_Bow_Tie_DayPhotos courtesy of Arden Photography

28 Aug Brad & Angelina…MARRIED!

In case you live under a rock and missed the BREAKING news this morning…Brad & Angelina got married! Now, if you have to wonder to yourself “who are these Brad & Angelina you speak of” then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog….BUT if you’re like us, you’ve been tracking this couple ever since the Mr. and Mrs. Smith days. The couple wed at their Chateau Miraval estate in France in a small service attended by family and friends. Their kids (or should we say little league team) were part of the ceremony. Angelina’s older sons walked her down the aisle, and the girls tossed flower petals. Awwwww 

Conveniently enough, their wedding came just in time for a throwback Thursday, so in honor of the new Mr. and Mrs. Pitt, lets take look at some of our favorite memories!

Brad & Angelina…MARRIED

Brad & Angelina…MARRIED

Brad & Angelina…MARRIED

Brad & Angelina…MARRIED

Brad & Angelina…MARRIED

Brad & Angelina…MARRIEDAhhh just so much beauty in one couple! Now please excuse us while we pop a bottle of their Chateau Miraval Rose..Cheers!

21 Aug Windwood Summer Breeze Horse Show

Our Windwood Summer Breeze Horse Show is taking place this weekend August 22-23. We are so excited to host all of these riders! Riders aging from 5 years to adult are coming from all over Alabama will be coming to Windwood to show. Arden Photography will be around taking photos as well. So parents–be on the lookout for them to make sure they capture any photo you may want to get! Posted Below is all the information that you might need, but for more please contact Jill Dean at 205-603-6166 or info@windwoodequestrian.com.

Windwood Equestrian Horse Show

4848 Highway 11 Pelham, AL 35124

Judges: Trey Lawson and Rose Marie Lawson

Conditions of Entry

1. Pre-entry fees are $15.00 per class. Pre-entries will be accepted through on-line registration until Thursday,August 21. Register online at www.alabamahunterjumpersmobile.com All other entries shall be treated as post-entries and accepted at $17.00 per class. An AHJA administrative fee of $10 per horse is required for all recognized classes. An additional $10 fee will be charged for all non AHJA members. AHJA membership forms will be available at the registration desk. A $10 secretary fee will be added to each entry and a $10 fee for each warmup.

2. Limited stalls ($45.00 per night) and paddocks are available. Contact Jill Dean 205-603-6166

3. Academy Classes will run Friday starting at 4PM. Schooling will be available on Friday. Schooling allowed Saturday until 15 minutes before ring start time.

4. Hard hats must be worn at all times by all riders when mounted, including schooling. Junior riders must

wear ASTM-approved helmets.

5. The management reserves the right to refuse, accept conditionally, or cancel any entries, disqualify

exhibitors, prohibit showing of entries, and cancel awards of prizes without claims or damages.

Management will abide by the AHJA rules where it concerns combining divisions. The management

reserves the right to cancel any classes with insufficient entries or because of weather.

6. Due to August heat, coats will be waived and polo shirts encouraged but not required.

7. Current AHJA rules will be available at the secretary’s desk.


From Birmingham, I-65 S to exit 242. Once exited, turn left and cross back over the interstate. Continue on this road (highway 52) until it ends at a traffic light. Turn left, this will be Highway 11. Windwood is located 2 miles down on the right. Gate code #0822



Friday – Saturday August 22-23, 2014

Windwood Equestrian 4848 Highway 11 Pelham, AL 35124

Friday August 22

Ring 2 – Small Ring- Starting at 4:00 PM


  1. Academy Walk-Trot U/S A
  2. Academy Walk-Trot O/P A1
  3. Academy Wall-Trot O/P A2
  4. Academy Walk-Trot Eq On the Flat A
  5. Academy Walk-Trot Eq O/P A
  6. Academy Walk-Trot U/S B
  7. Academy Walk-Trot O/P B1
  8. Academy Walk- Trot O/P B2
  9. Academy Walk-Trot Eq on the Flat B
  10. Academy Walk-Trot Eq O/P B
  11. Academy Cross Pole U/S
  12. Academy Cross Pole I
  13. Academy Cross Pole II
  14. Academy 18” – 2’ U/S
  15. Academy 18” – 2’ I
  16. Academy 18” – 2’ II

 Saturday August 23

*Warm up rounds may be purchased from the show secretary for $10 each.


Ring 1- Large Ring- 8AM warmup

17. Schooling Hunter Under Saddle

18. Schooling Hunter I (2’3”)

19. Schooling Hunter II

20. Children’s Hunter Under Saddle

21. Children’s Hunter Equitation on the Flat

22. Children’s Hunter I (3’)

23. Children’s Hunter II

24. Children’s Hunter Equitation O/F

25. Adult Hunter Under Saddle

26. Adult Hunter Equitation on the Flat

27. Adult Hunter I (3’)

28. Adult Hunter II

29. Adult Hunter Equitation over Fences

30. Junior/ Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

31. Junior/Amateur Hunter I (3’3)

32. Junior/Amateur Hunter II

33. AHJA Junior/Amateur Medal

34. Regular Working Hunter Under Saddle

35. Regular Working Hunter I (3’3- 3’6”)

36. Regular Working Hunter II

– 15 Minute Schooling Break —

37. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Under Saddle

38. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Equitation on the Flat

39. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter I (2’3” – 2’6”)

40. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter II

41. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Equitation O/F

42. Baby Green Hunter I Under Saddle

43. Baby Green Hunter I (2’6”)

44. Baby Green Hunter II

45. Modified Hunter Under Saddle

46. Modified Hunter I (2’6”)

47. Modified Hunter II

48. Low Hunter Under Saddle

49. Low Hunter I (2’9”)

50. Low Hunter II

51. Schooling Pony Under Saddle

52. Schooling Pony I (2’)

53. Schooling Pony II

54. Children’s Pony Hunter Under Saddle

55. Children’s Pony Equitation on the Flat

56. Children’s Pony Hunter I (2’ SM-M/2’6” L)

57. Children’s Pony Hunter II

58. Children’s Pony Equitation O/F

59. Pony Hunter Under Saddle

60. Pony Hunter Equitation on the Flat

61. Pony Hunter I (2’3” / 2’6” / 2’9”)

62. Pony Hunter II

63. Pony Hunter Equitation O/F



*Warm up rounds may be purchased from the

show secretary for $10 each.

Ring 2 – Small Ring –Starting at 8:30 AM


64. Walk/Trot Hunter I (Cavaletti)

65 Walk/Trot Hunter II

66. Walk/Trot Hunter Equitation over Fences

67. Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle

68. Walk/Trot Hunter Equitation on the Flat

69. Cross Pole Hunter Under Saddle

70. Cross Pole Hunter Equitation on the Flat

71. Cross Pole Hunter I (Crossrails)

72. Cross Pole Hunter II

73. Cross Pole Hunter Equitation O/F

74. Hopeful Hunter I

75. Hopeful Hunter II

76. Hopeful Hunter Under Saddle

77. Short Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle

78. Short Stirrup Hunter Equitation on the Flat

79. Short Stirrup Hunter I (18” – 2’)

80. Short Stirrup Hunter II

81. Short Stirrup Hunter Equitation O/F

82. Long Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle

83. Long Stirrup Hunter Equitation on the Flat

84. Long Stirrup Hunter I (18” – 2’)

85. Long Stirrup Hunter II

86. Long Stirrup Hunter Equitation O/F

87. Starting Hunter Under Saddle

88. Starting Hunter I (2’)

89. Starting Hunter II




19 Aug Windwood Weddings: Arden & William

Good Afternoon! We hope everyone is getting in the groove of their work week. If you’re like us, you’re still kind of recovering from a busy work weekend…whew! So after your survived your Monday, did you get a chance to tune into Bravo last night to catch episode three of Jersey Belle?! We did! Arden & William’s wedding was featured last night and not to brag (too much) but Windwood looked amazing! It was so much fun to see how Bravo edited the wedding day for television. We are very proud how all of the elements of the wedding really came together to look great on screen. Many thanks to Sybil Sylvester of Wildflower Designs for the ceremony flowers, Carole Sullivan of Lagniappe Designst for the reception flowers, Kathy G & Co. with all of the catering, Gia’s Cakes, Olexa’s CakesFlavor Big Band, Design Productions, Arden Photography, Carriage House, Ivory & White, Event Rentals Unlimited, and Christopher Confero of Christopher Confero Design who designed the wonderful event. Check out the wedding video by Holloway Productions. It shows the full day as well as many scenic shots of Windwood.



06 Aug Wedding Wednesday: Favorite Photo

This photo might be our favorite from Aaron & Todd’s May wedding. We love how they are leaning into each other while they listen to their friends and family share their favorite stories about the couple. Thank you Arden Photography for capturing this moment.


01 Aug Farm Friday: New Addition by William Upton

Many people come out to Windwood and admire the beauty of the architecture, but what most people don’t know is that all of Windwood was designed by our owner William Upton. William built Windwood from a vision he had inside of his head, and today it is a place where adults and children alike enjoy the fun filled days riding horses or dancing the night away at a wedding reception. Recently, William renovated another barn on the property for his uncle. We just can’t get over how he continues to execute these visions so well and with so much detail! Good job William, we can’t wait to see what you build next–hint hint ;) 

William Upton _ Architecture _ Birmingham _ Alabama _ Windwood Equestrian _ windwood weddings

31 Jul Windwood Weddings: Jamie & Andrew

Jamie was the picture of bridal beauty at her’s and Andrew’s June wedding. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to mix it up for their ceremony. So…we decided to have their ceremony in front of our fireplace on the courtyard.This turned out to be one of my favorites! Celebrating alongside their family and friends, this night was nothing short of the best party ever. After leaving in a helicopter–Andrew’s surprise to Jamie— the couple honeymooned in Antigua.

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

Jamie Patterson_ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian_ Weddings _ Alabama _ Birmingham Weddings

All Photography Arden Photography.

25 Jul Windwood Weddings: Rachel & Eric

Rachel & Eric’s unique style came to life at their May wedding at Windwood. After hearing their engagement story in Paris, we knew that this couple was full of romance. Rachel was very detail oriented in the planning process and it all came together just right. Congratulations you two!

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Alabama Wedding _ Birmingham Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

All Photography Arden Photography


23 Jul Windwood Weddings: Rogers-Clark Rehearsal Dinner

This week for Wedding Wednesday, we are sharing with you the rehearsal dinner of Mary Coleman Rogers and Charlie Clark. This dinner was one of the most beautiful events we have had at Windwood yet. With the floral talent of Leah Hazzard and culinary expertise of Chef Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club–how could you go wrong? Every detail of this evening was planned out meticulously and executed flawlessly. We are so happy to share these photos with everyone! Many thanks to Mo Davis at Arden Photography for capturing these photos.

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

Rehearsal Dinner _ Windwood Weddings _ Handley McCrory _ Chef Chris Hastings _ Leah Hazzard _ Windwood Equestrian

All images Arden Photography.

18 Jul Farm Friday!

Last week, Lacy and Skyscraper were phenomenal at the USEF Auburn show! Lacy won first and second in the Children’s Hunter; she placed fifth in her FIRST EVER USHJA Hunter Derby. Also, Sky was reserve champion in the Performance Hunters. AND she won the NAL/WHS Child/Adult Classic as well as the Taylor Harris Medal! Way to go Lacy, we are so proud!

Lacy Smith_ Windwood Equestrian_ Windwood _ Alabama


Also going on this week at Windwood was our second session of the Summer Camp. About 20 campers came out to enjoy days filled of horseback riding, lessons about the horse, and even some water activities. We love having all of the children at Windwood–its so much fun!


Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood


Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood


Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood


Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood

10 Jul Claire & John

Claire & John are getting married at Windwood in October so recently they came out to take their engagement photos. Y’all–I can’t even get over how cute they are!! They’re love radiates off the screen. We are so excited for them and can’t wait until their wedding!

claire humphrey_windwood weddings_ arden photography_ windwood equestrian claire humphrey 2_claire humphrey_windwood weddings_ arden photography_ windwood equestrian

All photos Arden Photography


09 Jul Wedding Wednesday!

With just a month until Liza & Freddy are married at Windwood, we thought we would share a photo of them from their engagement photo shoot. We are so thrilled for this sweet couple and couldn’t be more excited for their big day! Many thanks to Mo at Arden Photography for capturing this.

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography_ Mo Davis _ Handley McCrory

25 Jun Wedding Wednesday!

This Wednesday we are throwing it back to the Alabama Weddings photo shoot we had last summer. How gorgeous are these images taken by Arden Photography?! The day could not have been more perfect. Styling by Kathy G and dress by Heidi Elnora. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Alabama Weddings Magazine to see the full spread!

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory



18 Jun Wedding Wednesday!

We are still on such a high from how beautiful Jamie & Andrew’s wedding turned out this past Saturday. So while we anxiously await the photos from the wedding, we are left to admire how stunning her bridal portraits were. Shot by the talented Mo of Arden Photography, Jamie glows from the inside out. Don’t y’all agree?? Stay tuned for more photos!


Jamie Patterson _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory _ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian

Jamie Patterson _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory _ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian

Jamie Patterson _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory _ Windwood Weddings _ Windwood Equestrian

15 Jun Happy Father’s Day!

Windwood would like to wish all of the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! We have the privilege of being a part of some amazing weddings and working with fantastic dads. Thank you to Arden Photography for capturing these special moments!

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _ Handley McCrory _ Windwood equestrian

13 Jun Farm Friday!

Its Farm Friday again! And this week we are re-capping our Windwood Horse Camp that took place this week. Eight girls of various riding abilities participated this week and had so much fun! Each day there was instruction and water fun in the afternoon. For more information about how to participate in Windwood’s Horse Camp in July, call Jill Dean at 205-603-6166 or email info@windwoodequestrian.com


Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood

Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood

Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood

Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood

Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood photo 1-2 photo 3-2


Windwood Horse Camp _ Windwood Equestrian _ Windwood photo 3-3 photo 4-3



11 Jun Wedding Wednesday!

This Wedding Wednesday–Rehearsal Dinner fun at Jenna & Andrew’s wedding weekend. We love rehearsal dinners at Windwood! The environment at Windwood is so relaxed and fun so when wedding parties come on Fridays for their rehearsal they always leave wishing that the dinner was there as well. Jenna & Andrew had the most fun wedding party and everyone really enjoyed sharing special memories and funny stories at the dinner. They certainly had us laughing more than a few times!

Jenna & Andrew _ arden photography _ windwood weddingsArden Photography


06 Jun Farm Friday!

This week for Farm Friday we are showing off our achievements at the Germantown Charity Horse Show this past week. Lacy Smith and her horse Skyescraper  won the Taylor Harris Medal. She ALSO won the 12/14 Equitation over fences out of 31 other riders! She was also in the ribbons in the children’s hunter division out of twelve. Way to go Lacy, we are SO proud of you!!

Lacy Smith _ Windwood Equestrian

04 Jun Wedding Wednesday!

This week for Wedding Wednesday we are taking a moment to highlight the most important part of picking an outside venue: the rain plan. Not only is weather in Alabama the most unpredictable,  but in the spring and summer–the middle of wedding season– afternoon showers pop up out of no where! When planning a wedding there are many details that the bride and groom organize and pick out. From flowers to cake to the attire, everything is planned. But what is all of that without the peace of mind that the weather will not infringe upon your big day? And you only get married once! So lets take a moment to say cheers to the beautiful tents that have shielded wedding-goers from afternoon showers. The photo below is a the tent on our courtyard for Jenna Hopper’s May wedding, Event Rentals Unlimited worked with us the whole time to achieve this vision. So amazing!

Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography

Arden Photography 


30 May Farm Friday!

This week’s Farm Friday is dedicated to showing off our new lounge furniture! The new cushions are a definite upgrade from what we had previously. And how cute are the horse bit patterned pillows?! Now everyone come out to the farm for summertime grill outs and enjoy our furniture as much as we are!

Farm Friday

28 May Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday is here again! This week we share with you a photo of our May 10 bride Jenna and her groom Andrew. From the minute Jenna stepped foot on the property, she has been nothing but a joy to work with. The excitement from both families surrounding this wedding was unlike any other. After dating for 6 and a half years, Andrew finally tied the knot with Jenna. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Jenna & Andrew_ Windwood Weddings _ Arden PhotographyArden Photography

23 May Farm Friday!

Happy Farm Friday! This Friday we are featuring sweet Amzey, our five year old lesson student with our pony Belle. Farm Fridays will feature different aspects of our farm. From horses, rolling meadows, ducks, the gardens—we will share with you every beautiful detail of this equestrian farm life we lead. Enjoy!


AWW 132 (2)

AWW 29 (2)

AWW 173 (1)

Arden Photography 

21 May Wedding Wednesday!

Every Wednesday we will be highlighting some of our favorite moments from Windwood Weddings AKA Wedding Wednesday. This week, we are featuring our May 3 bride Aaron Davis—now Aaron Fobian!

Aaron and her lovely bridesmaids are shown in the main hall at Windwood. For those of you wondering what that amazingly large flower is in her bouquet, it is a King Protea. Through the planning process, Aaron kept telling us about this flower that would be in her bouquet. As she was describing it, honestly I was envisioning something similar to a venus fly trap, but on wedding day when this lovely pink flower arrived I was pleasantly surprised!

Aaron and Todd’s wedding was accessorized with memorabilia from their courtship. Todd is a biologist so he frequently dives in the Alabama rivers for research and often finds old glass bottles. It was Aaron’s clever idea to incorporate the mixed bottles into the centerpieces for their seating tables.

Although this photo is just a taste of her beautiful day, don’t worry we will share the rest later!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

Aaron Davis _ Windwood Weddings _ Arden Photography _Handley McCrory _ Arden Ward Upton

16 May Expert Advice: Bella Bridesmaid

Last week, we stopped by Bella Bridesmaid in Homewood to visit with Charlotte and talk to her about this year’s trend in bridesmaid dresses. As usual, we were in awe of all of the beautiful dresses. Can’t wait to go back and get one (or three…) for parties this summer. Sisters Charlotte and Jeana Lee are fantastic at matching girls to the dress that is right for them. Whether it is for debutante balls or weddings, every girl leaves Bella Bridesmaid looking amazing.

Handley: What is your favorite style of bridesmaid dress?

Charlotte: I am more bohemian. I love flowy. So as far as that goes, I love Amsale and Joanna August. Joanna August has these cute two piece dresses with bustiers which is so fun.

H:What fabrics are in this year?

C: This year, lace and tulle are in.

H: If you were to style a wedding at Windwood, how would you do it?

C: The farm can really go either way–dressed up or down. You can wear sequins or jersey, thats the beauty of it. The nature at Windwood is a great background, you don’t have to do anything to enhance it. You can either go very neutral or do a pop of color.

H: I know that you love flowy silhouettes, but which line do you recommend for structured dresses?

C: For a good structured dress, I go to the short Lula Kate dresses. They are the “Build a Bear” of dresses. You can pick whichever top you want and match it with whichever bottom or color.

H: What colors should we expect to see?

C: This year, purple is coming back. Blush is holding on tight..mint is popular. White and ivory are still popular. And bling this year is really a hit.

bella bridesmaid

bella bridesmaid 2

bella bridesmaid 3

We would like to thank Charlotte (and Mr. Wilson ) for visiting with us! For assistance with all of your bridesmaid dress needs, visit Charlotte & Jeana Lee at Bella Bridesmaid located in Homewood on Broadway Street.

11 May Happy Mother’s Day!

Windwood would like to wish all of the mother’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day today! Moms, thank you for everything you do to make wedding days so special and memorable!

mother's day blog

All Photography Arden Photography

06 May Windwood Wedding: Brandi & Davy

Brandi & Davy celebrated their marriage April 12 with a ceremony at Samford University’s Reid Chapel and a reception following here at Windwood. The weather was absolutely perfect! Brandi is an avid equestrian, so it was only natural that she hold her wedding reception at an horse farm. Her beloved horse Chloe made the trip as well and visited guests from her  stall decorated with her very own floral collar made by Carol Riley of Lillie’s. Guests enjoyed dinner catered by Happy Catering and danced along to the Nick Carver Band as the sun set over the paddocks. The couple departed in a helicopter and enjoyed a week long honeymoon at a ranch in Montana. Brandi and Davy, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Enjoy these beautiful photographs by Arden Photography. 


brandi carroll blog Brandi Carroll Blog 2

24 Apr Biggest Trends from New York International Bridal Week with Ivory & White

Earlier this week, we were able to sit down with Brooke Mason, owner of Ivory & White, to discuss trends from this year’s New York International Bridal Week. Ivory & White is a bridal shop located in Crestline Village–right next door to our favorite photographer Arden Photography! When we can, we love to stop in their shop to see what gorgeous gowns they have recently gotten in and catch up about which Windwood Brides they have been working with. When Brooke returned from New York, we knew we had to pick her brain of her favorite trends. So here is what she had to say:

Handley: So..how was it this year? I’ve been dying to hear!

Brooke: Amazing as always!

H: What would you say are the top five trends we will be seeing walking down the aisle this coming year?

B: Well, the first trend I noticed were the extremely low backs on the gowns. They were very daring!

Windwood Weddings _ Ivory & White

Alvina Valenta

Windwood Weddings _ Ivory & White

Alvina Valenta

B: Next, the beading this year was very striking. It wasn’t as bling-y. This year it was tone-on-tone beading. We have seen this trend for the last four seasons and it is getting stronger and stronger.

ML Beading

Monique Lhuillier

ML beading 3

Monique Lhuillier

ML beading

Monique Lhuillier

B: The third trend, jackets over dresses. Or more of an overlay or shirt style. This was a new trend for me to see and I feel like next market there will be even more. The jackets can be removed for a transition from ceremony to reception–very versatile.

jacket 2

Lela Rose


Lela Rose

B: A-line gowns are also big this year. Monique Lhuiller featured an A-line gown with a jacket as well which I thought was really cool.

Monique A-line

Monique Lhuiller

Romona Keveza A-line

Romona Keveza

ivory and white blog

H: I love everything about these trends–so excited to see our brides make it their own. Thank you for giving me a recap of Bridal Week, I always love seeing you!

B: You’re welcome! You know I love to talk about gowns.

Many thanks to Brooke Mason and the girls at Ivory & White for sharing these trends with us!

17 Apr Gone to the dogs…or horses?

Everyone has that one love in life that they’ll always remember. The one companion who is always there for you, always loyal, has your back when no one else does….and no, I’m not talking about your husband or wife. It’s your pet!! On wedding day, we have seen an increasing trend of people wanting their pet to be in on the action too. Check out these precious photos taken by Arden Photography of Windwood couples with their beloved pets!



02 Apr Katherine Bramlett Art

Today we are proudly featuring an up and coming local artist. Allow us to introduce you to Katherine Bramlett. Katherine was born and raised in the Birmingham area, and after attending Vanderbilt for college she decided to come back to her hometown. Currently, she is working as an interior designer with Marjorie Johnston & Co. It was through her work in design and her love of all things beautiful that Katherine discovered her passion for painting. Handley and Katherine attended high school together, so Handley was really excited to get together to hear more of her story!


Handley:  I am so excited to be talking to you about your passion—painting!

Katherine: I know! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am thrilled to be able to talk to you about my paintings!

H: Ok so I know that you have a creative soul, but how did you get into painting?

K: I started painting with my Dad when I was young when we would go to the beach. It was just something that we did together. He always used so many different colors and mediums, so it really sparked my interest. I definitely have my Dad to thank for getting me started.

H: Where do you pull your inspiration?

K: I love design and art and I feel so blessed to be able to combine my passion with my job! I am daily surrounded by creative people, color, fabric, and beautiful images. Every day is a joy, and I am constantly inspired! So I would say my inspiration comes from my dad to day. Whether that is fabrics or the sunset; I feel like my eye is constantly looking for new combinations of color and movement. I’d say lately i’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from sunsets. It sounds so cliche but there is truly nothing more beautiful or inspirational than the colors in nature. God is the greatest artist! I would also say that past experiences from painting with my dad to my art history classes in school also influence my work.

H: How would a bride or someone searching for a hostess or wedding gift go about commissioning your pieces?

K: I have grouped my pieces into small, medium, and large and once someone contacts me we can work together to determine which size would work best for your space or for whatever gift you have in mind. We will then figure out what style and look you would like based on styles of my work that you have seen or if you have something in mind color wise. It’s a conversation process and that way the piece that each person gets is very custom and not like any other piece.

H: So a bride could use her color scheme for her wedding for you to go by and do little paintings for her bridesmaids?

K: Exactly! I think paintings using the bride’s colors would be such a thoughtful and personal gift!

H: Well, I am so excited and proud of you for this new adventure you are on!

K: Thank you, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


katherine bramlett

For more information about Katherine’s work, visit her website.

31 Mar Liza & Freddy

Liza and Freddy were at Windwood last week for their engagement session with Arden Photography . We always enjoy spending time with Liza and Freddy, but on this particular day we got to meet their precious pooches! The photos turned out fantastically and if this is proper foreshadowing, their August wedding will be beautiful AND fun!


Liza Luker

25 Mar AHJA Kickoff Show 2014

The Alabama Hunter Jumpers Association (AHJA) kick-off show was held at The Auburn Horse Park in Auburn March 7 – 9, 2014.   Barns from all over the state were represented at the show.  The Windwood team took command of the show with 8 students cantering their way to 13 Champion titles and 5 Reserve Champion titles and numerous top honors at the end of the 3-day show.  Lacy Smith, riding Skyscraper, was crowned 4 time Champion in the schooling hunter and children’s hunter division; Gracie Michard, riding Farnley Clarabelle, was crowned 2-time Champion in the walk/trot division and Reserve Champion in the crosspole division; Julia Mitchell, riding Simply Star, won top honors in the walk/trot division; Izzi Simpson, riding Double Dutch, was crowned Champion and Reserve Champion in the short stirrup division; Megan Seidel, riding Mr. Irresitible, won top 5 honors in the schooling hunter and pre-children’s hunter division; Christine Moore, riding Mogidashu, was crowned 3 time Champion in the .75 meter thru 1.0 meter jumpers; and Lauren Nichols, riding General Patton, was crowned Champion in the crosspole division.   With the kickoff show under their belts, Windwood is looking forward to a great show season, with plans to participate in 18+ shows across the state.  The show season runs March – November.

AHJA show

20 Mar Pantone Colors for Spring

Spring is finally here!! After this brutal winter we have endured, the first day of Spring is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate that than to discuss spring FLOWERS! Every year, Pantone announces its colors of that particular year, and this year they have made their selection and some very lovely colors are included. Naturally, we like to think how these chosen colors will make their way into wedding trends this year. So lets take a look at some wedding bouquets that follow this color scheme. We’re really loving the cayenne and celosia orange, what are your favorites?!


pantone colors

10 Mar Man Oh Man!

Today we’re mixing it up a little! On most wedding days, eyes are fixated on the bride. Her hair, makeup, dress, shoes… the bride is so much the center of attention that sometimes we forget to notice the groom. So today, we are giving our grooms a little love! Don’t worry boys, we do know that without you a wedding day would not be possible. Enjoy your “man crush Monday”! groom blog

Arden Photography

06 Mar Expert Advice: Carroll Production

Yesterday Clay Carroll of Carroll Production met me for lunch to catch up and talk about videography at Windwood. We have been lucky enough to work with him several times, most notably for Wynter&Rob’s wedding and Casey&Austin’s wedding. He was kind enough to share some stories of his early days in the business, and believe me he had me laughing pretty hard. Weddings can be pretty freaking funny y’all! During our lunch, we pretty much covered all topics. From the investment of a wedding to stories of dress disasters, Clay has seen it all.

Handley: So, how many years have you been in the wedding business?


Clay: This will be my fifth year—Wow!


H: How did you get into it?


C: I’ve always been a tech geek. It started off with my family, I was into photography and videography. I was always the one filming stuff. If I went on vacation with friends I would make highlight vacation videos just for fun. So I never went to school for it, I actually went to school for business. I then went into working in medical sales working all up and down the east coast and was gone from home all the time. After a while of doing that, I was in a phase in life where I decided to re-evaluate and decided to leave my job so I could be home with my kids more. During this transition period, my friend Wynter Ingram (a Windwood bride!) gave me the idea of getting into videography and Rob Ingram (her now husband) got me my first wedding job, and it just escalated from there. I did that first wedding for $200 just so I could have something to show people of my work. My first big wedding was a friend of a friend in Florida and that is where I got to know Molly Shook and that wedding alone has led to so many weddings—from the bridesmaids, friends, families everything. There hasn’t been one year where I haven’t had work that has spawned off from that Florida wedding.


H: That’s amazing that you’ve had such good business come from that one wedding! Why do you think brides should hire a videographer?


C: I’m a little biased, but the main reason is that this is the day that the bride has been dreaming of for her whole life. After all of the planning that goes into it, the only tangible thing that they have to take away are the photographs and the video. Everything else is just gone. Photos are great and I don’t think in any way that video takes the place of photos, but I think that there’s so much of the story that photos cant tell that you can only see with video. Like as far as the words that are spoken and things like that—video is the only way to get that. Videos are also so easy to share. With social media and everything, wedding videos can be shared with relatives that weren’t able to make it. And any bride will tell you, the day goes by in a flash and there is so much that day that they didn’t get to see. Video is a way for them to re-live the day over and over.


H: I definitely agree that photos and video are SO important. Now, what is your favorite part about wedding day?


C: I enjoy the whole setup of it honestly. If I had to pick, it would probably be the whole part leading up to the ceremony. Its fun because you get to experience a whole range of emotions when you’re videoing on camera, and if they have a first look—if you’re going to have nervous people its usually at that point. The bride is all nervous, the groom is sweating….And as long as its nothing that’s going to hinder the day, I love the drama. It makes for great video! Its fun because you aren’t bored and I’ve done it enough times to know that its going to work out and be fine.


H: Why do you love shooting at Windwood?


C: Just the environment. There’s really nothing like it in Birmingham, which is cool. I get tired of shooting in churches. Windwood is an experience—especially for guests—when someone drives through Windwood for the first time, you have time to take in the scenery. The way everything opens up is amazing. Its not far away, but when you get here you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s the best of both worlds. Just being down there and surrounded by the trees, especially on the Bridal Path in the fall, there’s nothing like that anywhere else. There’s so many different places and ways to shoot all within a close proximity. Everything is close and convenient on the property. Plus, you can’t beat the horses. Having the guests walk around and see the horses is such an awesome thing. When you go from the ceremony to the reception with the whole entrance of the barn is just amazing. The uniqueness of Windwood can’t be beat. Most importantly, you and William are so accommodating. Unlike some venues where it seems like the staff wants to make my job harder, y’all always do anything you can possibly do, and I always am taken care of.


Thank you so much to Clay  for sharing his words of wisdom with us! For those of you who might have missed it, check out Clay’s video of Casey’s wedding day

14 Feb Valentine’s Day Feature: Gia’s Cakes

This week Gia’s Cakes brought back their famous cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! Personally, I was very excited to hear this news. So, we had to stop by and see what she had in store for everyone. When we went by to visit and snap these photos, we taste tested the strawberries and champagne and its safe to eat y’all, no worries! Haha! Feast your eyes on these treats and head on over to Gia’s Cakes in Crestline to get your very own. How cute are they?! Each one has their very own festive decorations.



14 Feb Top Weddings: Princess Kate & Princess Diana!

For our final Top Wedding of our  Top Weddings Series, I give you TWO royal weddings. The weddings of Princess Diana and Prince Charles & the wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William. Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed on July 29, 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral and was viewed on television by an estimated 750 million viewers. Diana’s dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. It had a twenty five foot train! She also wore her family’s heirloom tiara. Princess Kate and Prince William wed on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. There were 36.7 million viewers on television. Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, designed her gown. How fabulous are these two? I couldn’t end on a better note. Happy Valentine’s everyone!!! XOXO


kate middleton & princess diana

14 Feb Valentine’s Day Feature: Sybil Sylvester

The day is here! Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone! A couple of days ago right before the big snow hit, Handley stopped by Sybil Sylvester’s house to chat about her Valentine’s Day plans and spy on her floral creations. Every Valentine’s Day, Sybil has the opportunity to create an arrangement for her toughest client–herself. When her husband Bill asked her a while ago who he should call to send her flowers, her response was automatic…HER! So now every year when the day rolls around, she designs something to fit her fancy. This particular arrangement included Yves Piaget Roses, Sweetheart Roses, Hyacinths, Anemones, and Berzillia. This year is the couple’s twenty-fifth anniversary, the silver anniversary! Bill gifted Sybil with a beautiful silver planter for the anniversary, so it was only fitting that they flowers were arranged in that. Sybil and Handley created a “date night” table setting with Sybil’s florals, champagne flutes, and Mercury glass candle holder, antique napkins, and her grandmothers lace table runner. Handley added her mother’s silver place settings, and Event Rentals Unlimited was kind enough to contribute the dishes and table linen for a festive touch. Take a look at the “date night” they created to go alongside Sybil’s arrangement.



13 Feb Top Weddings: Chrissy & John

We’re on the home stretch y’all! Tomorrow is the big day– Valentine’s Day! While we have lots of little surprises waiting for you tomorrow, today we will highlight the wedding of supermodel Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend. After dating for six years together, the pair wed in Lake Como, Italy on September 14, 2013. The model wore not one but THREE Vera Wang gowns. The ceremony ball gown, a mermaid style gown after, and a crimson red gown for the after party. While the event was a small gathering of friends of about 150, the guest list was stacked with celebrities! Legend’s good friend Kanye attended and surprised everyone when he walked Stevie Wonder to the piano so he could serenade guests playing “Ribbon in the Sky”.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

12 Feb Top Weddings: Audrey & Mel

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer wed in Burgenstock, Switzerland on September 24, 1954. The ceremony and reception were only attended by close friends and family. The couple was introduced by Gregory Peck, Hepburn’s costar in Roman Holiday. After she stared in ‘Sabrina’, she became close friends with Hubert de Givenchy. He designed her gorgeous dress highlighting her TINY waist. I hope everyone is safe and sound on this crazy weather day!



11 Feb Top Weddings: Ivanka & Jared

Rounding out the first WEEK of our top weddings is the wedding of Ivanka Trump and the New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. The lovely couple wed on Sunday October 25, 2009 at the Trump International Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. The lavish celebration hosted 500 of the world’s most prominent people. Among the guests were Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Regis Philbin, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Ivanka wore a gown designed for her by Vera Wang that was made to emulate the gown worn by Grace Kelly (our Day 3). Their cake was made by famed baker Sylvia Weinstock and stood 70 inches on the table with thirteen layers. The Donald toasted to her daughter and her new groom by simply saying “Be happy and enjoy your life!”

ivanka trump_windwood weddings

10 Feb Top Weddings: Kate Moss & Jamie Hince

Happy Monday and cheers to day six of our top weddings! Today we spotlight the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. The always stylish Moss wed her rocker husband on July 1, 2011. The ceremony was an intimate gathering at St. Peter’s Church Southrop in Gloucestershire. Kate had fifteen bridesmaids including her then eight year old daughter Lila Grace. Her groom opted against the traditional black suit and wore a light blue Stefano Pilati for YSL suit. Kate’s good friend John Galliano designed her wedding gown. The gown was a cream bias-cut dress with a sheer skirt and gold leaf embellishment. Manolo Blahnik even designed a special pair of shoes for Kate with a blue insole for her “something blue.” After the ceremony, guests went back to the bride and groom’s estate for a three day reception dubbed “Moss-Stock.” Some of the guests included Moss’ A-list friends Stella McCartney, Jade Jagger, Jude Law & Anna Wintour just to name a few. Also, the famed photographer Mario Testino photographed the big event!


kate moss_Windwood Weddings

09 Feb Top Weddings: Priscilla & Elvis

Day five is dedicated to the ultimate rock and roll wedding: Priscilla and Elvis! After meeting a 14 year old Priscilla, the King of Rock and Roll was head over heels. They dated for seven years and finally tied the knot on May 1, 1967. Their wedding took place at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas at 11:45 AM with a breakfast reception following. Sounds pretty tame for a rock and roll wedding… Never the less it was beautiful. Priscilla looked ethereal in a white silk chiffon dress with a three foot tulle veil. Never to be out done, Elvis wore a black silk brocade tuxedo and a spiffy bow tie. What I love most about this wedding is how incredibly normal they look in the photos. Some celebrities (who am I kidding, MOST celebrities) look plastic and fake for their weddings, but these two just look sweet and happy. Take a look at some footage from their wedding ( a little blurry).  I hope you all are having a nice Sunday!

elvis_windwood weddings

08 Feb Top Weddings: American Royalty

Day Four is dedicated to American Royalty! Since we don’t actually have royalty in the great US of A, we have to create our own. And what would an American Royalty wedding blog be without Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O?! Now…picking which wedding of Elizabeth Taylor’s to feature was a tough one (I mean she does have EIGHT)….so I just went simple with her first wedding to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton. She was stunning in a gown designed by Helen Rose, the same designer that designed Grace Kelly’s gown. Taylor’s dress was so intricate that it took fifteen people three months to create. The marriage between Hilton and Taylor only lasted a short nine months, but it holds its place in history as the kick starter of all of Taylor’s times down the aisle.

elizabeth taylor_windwood weddings



Continuing on, our second American Royalty wedding is none other than that of Jackie O and JFK. Before all of the drama of Kennedy’s presidency and personal life took center stage, Jackie and Jack were just happy newlyweds–except they were bonafide celebrities. The pair was featured on the cover of Time Magazine only a few months before their wedding. They wed at his family’s estate on September 12, 1953, this year is the 50th anniversary! Jackie’s gown, designed by Ann Lowe,  contained more than fifty yards of fabric (imagine how heavy that must have been!). Their Catholic ceremony was attended by 750 people, and later for the reception an additional 450 people joined. The reception was definitely a party to remember. The guests danced to music played by the Meyer Davis Orchestra–the same Orchestra also played at Kennedy’s parents’ wedding as well as his inauguration ball. I hope you all have enjoyed reminiscing as much as I have!


jackieo_windwood weddings

07 Feb Top Weddings: Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier III

American actress Grace Kelly headed to the Cannes Film Festival in April of 1955 as the head of the U.S. delegation. While she was there, she was a part of a photo shoot where she met Prince Rainier III the prince of Monaco. Later that year, it became public that if the Prince did not produce an heir, Monaco would revert to France. The Prince visited American where he met Grace Kelly with her family. Only three days later, they were engaged. The world waited patiently as the wedding “of the century” was planned. They had both a civil ceremony and a religious ceremony with the civil ceremony being broadcast all over Europe. The religious ceremony was the day after. The newly married couple celebrated with a whopping 600 guests among whom were some of the most high profile celebrities and European heads of state. The bride’s dress was designed by Helen Rose. To this day, Grace Kelly’s dress is one of the most sought after styles–it truly has withstood the test of time. This ceremony was watched by an estimated 30 million people! A little fun fact: Frank Sinatra initially accepted his invitation to attend but last minute decided not to because he didn’t want to upstage the bride.

Windwood Weddings_Grace Kelly

06 Feb Top Weddings: Portia & Ellen

Day two of our Top Weddings series is dedicated to the nuptials of Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres. In contrast to most celebrity weddings, their day was very intimate with just their closest friends and family. For me, two things that stand out the most at the beautiful wedding are 1) Portia’s dress and 2) the floral design. Portia’s dress is the perfect marriage between bridal sexy and elegance. The plunging back coupled with the light pink tulle skirt is simply fabulous. Both ladies ensembles were designed by Zac Posen. Now those flowers…oh.my.gosh. The floral design by Mark Held of Mark’s Garden is so lush you would think you were inside a secret garden. For a more intimate look at their day, watch their wedding video. Enjoy!



05 Feb Top Weddings Of All Time

In keeping with the theme of romance, we are revisiting the top 10 weddings in history. From now to Valentine’s Day, we will share with you all of our favorite weddings. To start things off, let us all remember the roller coaster romance that was Carrie and Mr. Big on Sex and the City. From the back of a town car, to Paris, to a jaw-dropping penthouse–their love was definitely not boring. All of you girls out there that have been patiently (maybe not so much…) waiting for a ring on that special finger, just remember that Carrie waited 10 years. Now enjoy ogling over her lovely Vivienne Westwood dress for the almost wedding at the New York Library and also her simple successful wedding at city hall. Carrie and Mr. Big = the best romance of ALL TIME (Kanye West voice)!

carrie&big_Windwood Weddings

Keep in mind that since Arden didn’t take these photos, the quality is not the greatest.

06 Dec Casey & Austin’s Windwood Wedding

Casey & Austin got married at Windwood on November 16 in a very special worship ceremony followed by a magical reception that ended with a glow stick exit. From the beginning, we were so overwhelmed by how kind every member of both families were–there was no drama and no meltdowns..except for maybe a ring bearer. Casey, who has planned events for Conde Nast, was very hands on through the whole process and made it very enjoyable! During the reception, guests enjoyed custom cocktails, dined by the fire on both Texan and Southern fare, and danced the night away on the courtyard under the stars. Take a look at some of the photos of what is our favorite Windwood Wedding yet! Enjoy!




Photography: Arden Photography, Catering: A Social Affair, Cake: Carol Latner, Florals: Hothouse Designs, Band: Fountain City Players, Videography: Carroll Production, Bride’s Dress: Ivory and White, Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Their Own,

Venue: Windwood Equestrian

03 Dec Hill Family Holiday Portraits

A couple of weeks ago, the Hill Family came to Windwood for their Holiday 2013 portraits. We have been lucky enough to get to know Melissa through her business at Weddings Etc., but on this day we got to know the whole family — and what fun they are! The kids had a blast running around Windwood, and they even got to hang out with Phoenix. We hope you enjoy looking at a few of their photos, we sure did enjoy having them at Windwood.


melissa hill_holiday photos 2 melissa hill_holiday photos

02 Dec Horse Show at Windwood

windwood horse show 2 windwood horse show 3 windwood horse show blog


All Photography Arden Photography.

12 Nov Brandi & David: Engagement Photos

Recently, our April 2014 bride Brandi and her fiancé David came to Windwood for an engagement portrait session with Arden. The day that Brandi walked into our Windwood office, I knew she would be such a joy to work with — and I was right! Take a sneak peak at some of the great photos!


brandi carroll_Windwood Weddings

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11 Nov Expert Advice: Event Rentals Unlimited

This past week we managed to nail down Mike Pozowicz, from Event Rentals Unlimited, for a lunch meeting. If any of you know Mike, you know his schedule is crazy busy and catching him face to face is a little tough. During the transformation of Windwood from just an equestrian facility to a home for both equestrian activities as well as weddings, Mike has been there every step of the way to offer his advice and guidance. During lunch, he and I went over some of the key things that brides should think about related to rentals for their wedding at Windwood.

Handley: Thanks for meeting me today!

Mike: Anytime! I love coming out to Windwood.

H: Ok, so what would you say would be the first thing brides need to determine in the wedding planning process?

M: To start, you need to determine the number of people at the event. The number of people will determine the size of the tent, the number of chairs, tables, bars-  if you’re going to have a bar- food tables etc. Then you need to think about are you doing a sit down dinner? Do you need a large dance floor? At Windwood, you already have a stage built so that’s not a problem. The bride really needs to determine their vision based on the number of people. The beauty of Windwood is that its so versatile. You can have a wedding in the small barn and reception on the courtyard or you can have a large tented affair in one of the fields. All the planning begins with the number of people though…

H: You’re right that Windwood is really versatile for large and small events. Next, what would you say is the most common mistake you see brides make is?

M: Not planning early enough. As far as the rentals go, you have to reserve your stuff early to ensure that its available for your big day. So plan ahead!

H: Now for the tent… what are some pros and cons of having a tent and not having a tent?

M: Pros would be  that you have a peace of mind on your wedding day that your party will be safe. Next pro would be the obvious, that you’re protected from the elements. Then I would say that a tent adds an instant visual stimulation for your guests. We can drape and light the inside of the tent to turn it into a real spectacle. As far as the cons go, there really are none.

H:What is your favorite thing about working at Windwood?

M: Windwood is very versatile. There are multiple locations for your wedding setup. You have the small barn for your ceremony, you also have up top with the stage and the large barn. The large barn has a lot of indoor space and the great patio with the cafe lights that look wonderful under the night sky. You can also tent the courtyard in case of elements or if you just wanted to add another element to your wedding. The field options are also great if you want to put up massive tents, structures with twin pole peaks and create a whole different feel. Once you add a tent you can always make them as glamorous as you want. We can do the rustic farm look or you can transform it into anything just because Windwood has the space available to dream big. Windwood is very versatile for the space it has to offer and the free reign your clients get when they’re out there.

H: I agree– Windwood has many different options for weddings and parties! Thanks so much for sitting down and talking to me. I always appreciate your input!

M: Of course!


Windwood Weddings_ Windwood Equestrian_Event Rentals Unlimited


William, Arden, and Mike at the Windwood Open House.

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As part of the Nation’s Zone 4 pony jumper team, Cooper Dean (age 13) and “American Hero”  were part of a historic Pony Finals feat, as all 4 riders on the team went clear in both rounds to secure Team Gold for Zone 4 at the USEF National Pony Jumper Championships held at the Alltech Arena at the Lexington Kentucky Horse Park.   The dynamic duo,  Dean and “American Hero”  fresh off the team gold with Zone 4 went on to dominate the USEF National Pony Jumper Individual Championship by winning the Individual Gold Medal!  Cooper is coached by his mother and Windwood trainer Jill Dean. Here’s a link to see him in action.

Cooper Dean_Windwood Equestrian

08 Nov Arden & William: Bromberg’s Bridal Blog

This week, our friends at Bromberg’s featured Arden & William’s September wedding on their bridal blog.  Martie Duncan, a good friend of the bride and groom, shared a complete write up on the fairy tale romance. From the story of how they met to the details of the proposal–its all in the blog! Take a moment to check it out and see more photos from the big day. Enjoy!

windwood weddings_blog

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04 Nov Austin & Jake Engagement Photos: Windwood Weddings

Austin and Jake visited Windwood last week for their engagement photo session, and the pictures could not have turned out better! This time of year, Windwood is absolutely breathtaking. The leaves on the trees are all shades of gold and red and the sky rarely has a cloud in it. Austin and Jake have chosen Windwood as the location for their September 2014 wedding and reception — we are so happy they decided to share their day with us! Take a look at some of their photos!


austin timmons_windwood weddings


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30 Oct It’s All in the Details…

Guests to a wedding arrive to the celebration (fashionably late usually) and see everything all put together and beautiful. What most of them don’t realize is that without all of the little details, the big picture would not be so perfect. At Windwood we love how our brides incorporate sentimental, equestrian, and personal details into the decor and ceremonies. Take a look at some of our favorite details…


details blog_2_WindwoodWeddingsdetails blog_3_WindwoodWeddingsdetails blog_5_WindwoodWeddingsdetails blog_4_WindwoodWeddings


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27 Sep Arden and William’s Windwood Wedding!

We are still glowing from Arden and William’s wedding last weekend! The Windwood Family is overjoyed for them and we all loved celebrating their marriage. The day was not without excitement thats for sure!  Just in time for the ceremony, the rain passed. Following the ceremony, guests ventured out onto the porch for cocktail hour and later dined on a delicious meal inside the Main Barn among the horses. Reception guests arrived just in time to feast on southern dishes as well as French cuisine underneath the magical sunset. Later in the night, everyone was surprised by a Michael Jackson performance! To bring the celebration to a close, Arden and William flew off in a helicopter as guests wished them well. We wish we could live it over again, it was so much fun! A&W Wedding Blog 3

A&W Wedding Blog 2

A&W Wedding Blog

MAW  484531-1

A&W Wedding blog 4

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27 Sep Hamptons 2013

Windwood had a great two weeks at The Hampton Classic this year! WEC L’Ami Noir won his first six year old championship young jumper class. L’Ami Noir jumped clean all three rounds. Damokles came in 6th place overall for six year olds, L’Ami was 5th overall for the six year olds, and Cairobi came in 9th overall for the 5 year olds! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported, it was so much fun!


Hamptons Hamptons2Hamptons Blog

hamptons blog 2

hamptons blog 3

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16 Aug Kentucky and Pony Finals

For the first two weeks of August, Windwood Equestrian has been in Kentucky showing the horses. It was an exciting two weeks, and the second week wrapped it up with the Pony Finals.

We did very well the first week in Kentucky! Congratulations to Audrey Roell for winning the 12-14 equitation and pinning seventh and fourth over fences in the children’s hunters! WEC Damokles was first and fourth 5yo young jumpers, WEC L’ami Noir was first and seventh in 6yo young jumpers, WEC Coming up was double clean and 5 in the 6yo young jumpers, Midnight Dance and Sarah were double clean and fourth in the 1.40.

During the Pony Finals, our riders did their very well. A BIG congratulations to Cooper Dean and American Hero winning both team and individual gold as well as the style award at Pony Finals! You and your pony gave everything this week and deserved this win more than anyone. We couldn’t be more proud.

Congratulations to all of our riders!

First week:



Pony Finals:

Pony Finals_CooperLiz_Coltrane

12 Aug SoHo Bridal Show

Last weekend we participated in the Engaged SoHo Bridal Show put on by the girls at Engaged Wedding Library. The show was so much fun, and we loved meeting other vendors as well as new brides! Phoenix loved meeting everyone as well. It was a good opportunity to check out new vendors and as well as familiar faces in the industry. Here are some photos from the event, thank you to Arden Photography for sharing them with us!

bridal show blog_2 bridal show blog

10 Jul Windwood Horse Camp June

The Windwood kids horse camp that took place at the end of June was a huge success! We had a great group of kids ranging in age from five to fourteen. The activities varied from riding twice a day to a whipped cream eating contest! There was never a dull moment that’s for sure. During the camp, the kids rode twice a day, learned the fundamentals of horseback riding as well as parts of the horse and the saddle. They had a stable knot competition and at the end of the week there was a big closing ceremony for the parents where the kids got to show off their new skills! Awards were also presented to some outstanding campers.

Camper of the Week: Emily Medford

Parts of the Horse Champion: Lily Dupont

Stable Knot Champion: Gracie Michard

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

kids camp June2 kids camp June

03 Jul Blue Ribbon Vendor!

We are thrilled to announce that our listing on Southern Weddings as Blue Ribbon Vendor has gone live! Please check out our listing on their website! Big things are happening for Windwood Weddings–stay tuned..



21 Jun Kentucky Week Two

A great start to the second week of Kentucky for Windwood! All of the young jumpers were double clean in their respective division! Mia on Ruler and Madeline on Quest were also double clean in the 1.0! Windwood’s new stallion, WEC Damokles, won the 5yo YJC qualifier. Windwood won both the 5 and 6 year old young jumper qualifiers Thursday in Kentucky. All of the young horses jumped clean. The Windwood Group’s WEC Damokles and John Smith’s Cairobi rose to the top being double clean and the fastest. Cairobi won the qualifier two weeks in a row! Madison on Cammie won the Intermediate Child Adult Jumper Classic! Congrats to all of our riders!


19 Jun Father’s Day

With Father’s Day being last weekend, it made us think of all of the sweet Dads who participate in the weddings at Windwood. Dads, we appreciate all that you do for your daughters in making their day so special! So here’s to you Dads!

fathers day blog


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13 Jun Windwood Horse Camp

Scan 3

10 Jun New Addition to Windwood!

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was a big weekend for Windwood Equestrian at the horse show in Kentucky. The first day, WEC L’ami Noir, WEC Coming Up, KEC Mogidashu and Cairobi all jumped clean and Midnight Dance was clean and two out of 70 horses! As the weekend went on, William and Coming Up won their first blue ribbon together!  John Smith’s Cairobi and Sarah won the six year old YJC qualifier class with a fast double clear and WEC Coming Up was fourth with just two time faults. Audrey and Edeling started off Saturday with great trips in their debut in the children’s hunters. Katie Boehme and Mogi jumped clean in the high adults in the Rolex stadium! Joanne and Penelope jumped clean in the lows as well. As the weekend wrapped up, Madison Massey and Cammie won the low ch/ad jumper classic! Joanne Boyd and Penelope were fourth in the 3’6 classic. Audrey and Edeling were double clean in their jumper debut! We are so proud of our Windwood riders!!





Photography: Arden Photography

Last but certainly not least…we can’t forget about Windwood’s newest addition! Our new stallion, WEC Damokles, is from Holland and is five years old. When I tell you he’s a beautiful horse, he might be the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Brides, you definitely want to check him out next time you are at the barn, he photographs very well.

WEC Damokles

WEC Damokles


07 Jun Deborah & John

Deborah and John’s May wedding was an intimate celebration filled with love and happiness. The morning of the wedding yielded a few showers, but just before the ceremony the clouds parted and sunshine spilled into the barn. The entire day was centered around Deborah and John’s appreciation of family — John’s daughter was even Deb’s Maid of Honor! Their day went off without a hitch, and we are happy that we got to share it with such special people!




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